Friday, April 03, 2009

Wrestler of the Month: March 2009

You didn't think I wouldn't bring this back now, did you?

This month's wrestler of the month is none other than Troy Douglas. Despite losing the EPW Intercontinental Championship to Cameron Cruise, he rebounded at A1E's Sudden Death and took out Marcus Westcott for that fed's World Championship. Congrats!

Garbage Bag Johnny (GCW, PRIME)
Jeffrey Roberts (A1E)
Cameron Cruise (A1E, EPW)
Jason Snow (PRIME)
Fusenshoff (EPW, TEAM)


Bobby said...

GBJ isn't in PRIME, he's in GCW. In fact he became the first non-PRIME member to win the Duel Halo. I'm kind of surprised a blockbuster like that didn't win WotM considering he was also been tearing it up in GCW with a great angle.

Ben said...

Not only did you misidentify GBJ's home fed, but a quick search reveals you haven't mentioned GCW since 2007. I call shenanigans, Holzerman!

TH said...

Well, given that I only made one post in 2008 (on New Year's Day), I would think there are more feds in common with GCW than not! :p