Friday, April 03, 2009

NFW Crash 47

Crash POST'D~!

Nope, it wouldn't be The Blog without me posting about the NFDub and incurring Katz's wrath now, would it? Actually, I probably wouldn't incur Katz's wrath with this post because I enjoyed the show immensely. A lot of big stuff going on, and I liked the swerve at the end with the new Championship belt. Mayfield's the kind of egomaniac who'd do that, and it really furthers the feud between him and JTP, which could very well be the feud of the year when December 31 rolls around.

Congrats to Impulse for the TV title win as well, although the unmask might have meant a lot more to me had I been around when Randall Knox was in his heyday.


User Poets said...

This *is* Randall Knox' heyday, Holzer... he's only wrestled one match in NFW under his real name and it was five years ago.

All will be revealed.

Mike The Dealer said...

No shilling for my barely Rp'ed for LVW Battle Royal?! Bah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Holzy.

Randall Knox wrestled Blaine Hollywood on the first night of All-Star Week during NFW Season 1 in a 'Rookies' match that could be akin to the NBA "Futures" game.

Neither would be seen again for a long, long time...but have now made their mark in the major leagues. :)