Monday, April 06, 2009

Hell Freezes Over

No, I didn't clone myself for e-fedding purposes :p

Did you read the latest A1E show? If not, you missed a hell of a debut. Troy Windham made his return to the e-ring and it was in A1E. Gregg PMed me on Facebook the other day telling me he was making a return in a place I didn't expect him to. I took it to mean that he was Captain CongaLine, who's handling the Spaniard and Capt. CongaLine in various feds, but he said that that wasn't him. I never thought in a million years that he was talking about A1E.

So what does this mean for A1E? Well, for one, it's an infusion of main event talent into the fed. Right away, Windham can step into any amount of dream feuds, including Marcus Westcott, Chip Friendly, Ken Cloverleaf, Cross, Troy Douglas or even with yours truly (and I don't mean Adam Benjamin, although that could be a fun feud too :p). Although A1E is heel-heavy already, Windham has come in as a sort of uber-heel that even top fed-baddies like Westcott and Friendly would have no problem working against as a temporary face.

I think it also means free pub for A1E and for a new rush of people who may not have wanted to try the fed out, or who were there before five or six years ago and left with a bitter taste in their mouth to come back and try it out. If the fed is good enough for a legendary CSWA character, why not them too?

I have very high hopes for the new partnership between Windham and A1E. It should be an interesting ride at the very least.

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