Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Rundown: NEW

In light of WrestleStock 2007 and because something about this fed is long overdue, I present the home of the 2006 Dupree Cup Champions, New Era of Wrestling!

The Site:
Hey now!

The Champions
World: Jonathan Marx
Television: Mr. Entertainment
Prodigy Classic X-treme: Chaos
Tag: To be decided at WrestleStock

Latest Event: Raucous live from Trelawny, Jamaica (Mon!)

The Skinny on Recent Happenings:

NEW seemed to be on the path of conservative dominance when The Phantom Republican wrested the World Championship away from Jean Rabesque, sending the French-Canadian superstar seemingly out of the fed. However, there was a stumbling block along the way; Jonathan Marx. GOP, of course, was up for the fight, but he didn't count on having to team with Beau Michaels in a tag match where his Championship was on the line. His worst fears came true, and Marx won the title without ever scoring a fall on GOP; he made Michaels tap to the Marxism. Marx later legitimized the title victory by scoring a victory over GOP at BattleBRAWL. Just when you thought it was safe to mark things as "settled down," Jean Rabesque made his surprising return, waylaying GOP after the match was over.

At that same BattleBRAWL event, Shawn Hart, fresh off his return to NEW, entered at #1, and despite facing incredible odds and multiple near eliminations, the Phenom walked out of New York City the number one contender to the World Championship. That thrust him right into the sights of one Jonathan Marx. Their first title match was an impromptu affair, ending with John Doe inexplicably costing his former stablemate Marx the title. Marx won it back the next week, but there was no rubber match...

...mainly because the next Raucous, two matches muddled the title picture greatly. First, there was the Creme de la Creme battle royale, where The Phantom Republican, Jean Rabesque, Shawn Hart and Rocko Daymon all battled furiously. Then there was the Blast from the Past, where Jonathan Marx and Larry Tact crossed paths with two other guys who were there for nostalgia.

Tact also was planning a huge match for the Supershow, one that would feature himself and five hand-picked opponents.

Any coincidence that they were GOP, Rabesque, Hart, Daymon and Marx? And that's how we got to the Dueling Ladders match at WrestleStock, and they're going into it at full speed. At the last Raucous (the linked one in Trelawny), the main event lumberjack match between GOP and Marx ended with everyone brawling and Marx shockingly proving every Communist accusation that GOP levied against him and using the People's Liberation Army to plot his escape. Will he escape in Giants Stadium though?

Who to Watch For:

Larry Tact - He was the first NEW World Champion, and he could be the next. Since coming back, he's taken the bull by the horns and put himself in position to be the top dog in NEW for a long time to come. He's a team player, he writes segments, does angles and is a damn good RPer to boot. It's great to have him back in NEW, and he should provide some excitement at the top of the card for the forseeable future.

Rocko Daymon - Daymon is making a comeback in the FW arena. After a few years of relative obscurity, he's making waves in a few other feds, but his resurgence in NEW is what we're focusing on today. Daymon brought it in the Dueling Ladders match, and there's a good shot that he's going to come away with one of the briefcases. He's also the only guy in the fed who'll give that Phantom Republican guy a chance ;)

John Doe - I'm really impressed with Doe's character and angle since he came back. He's on this crusade to get women out of the wrestling ring and back into the kitchen, where they belong in his mind. This may seem like a clich├ęd angle, but you'd be surprised how little it comes up around eW, especially with the bounty of female characters. NEW is the FW fed with the most characters with no Y-chromosome, and if they're going to try and integrate the men with the women, this is the best avenue to do it.

Bored of Edukashun - I know that Canteloupe has had computer troubles lately, which may have figured into the BoEd's showing at WrestleStock, but this team will still make waves in the nascent tag division. Along with the Inner Circle, Jack 'n Hoff and the Saviors of Wrestling, the BoEd, who have a pretty neat gimmick, could make some waves in '07.

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