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The Book On... The Spoiler!

Alright, in lieu of doing some show reviews right now (hopefully I can have them read and recapped soon... no promises though!), I thought I'd take this opportunity to enlighten folks about certain characters that I pump up or whose accolades I mention. A lot of times, you hear about how a character is legendary or about all the things he/she has done and yet you don't hear details. It's almost like you go on faith that this character is ZOMG~! important or good. I'm guilty of this more than anyone else since I really do throw out names and expect people to take notice.

So I'm going to start a new feature. The Book On... will be an occasional series running down characters and giving you a history so you know why they're revered in the circles they're revered in. I figured I'd start out in the arena I'm most familiar with, The A1 Feds, and give you some background on the circle's most legendary character...

The Spoiler

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 302 lbs.
From: Parts Unknown
Nicknames and Alias: The Force of Nature, Joe Retro (unmasked)

Description: (from his profile at

A Mountain of Muscle and Sinew. Wears a red mask with a black "face" with matching red and black tights/singlet combo and black boots that rise up to just past his knees.

Signature Moves

The Spoilerbomb - This is the second most over finisher in the history of the A1 feds (I'm sorry, but nothing beats the HIDADRIVER~! {oh the humanity} in my book) from where I sit. It's basically the Undertaker's Last Ride done about 100 times harder than Taker would ever be allowed to do it in the WWE. It's usually accompanied by a WHAM!, which amps up the coolness factor by 100 as well. The Spoilerbomb is actually the one move that gave birth to MBE. Dan or someone else may correct me on this, but I believe MBE was born out of a thread at 1Bob talking about how great an edition of Monday Nitro was. Dan came in and started Spoilerbombing people in the way that Sid would use to powerbomb random people, and out of that, a new e-fed was born. This is one of a very select few of finishers that I feel should be overprotected and should only be kicked out of in blowoff matches for huge feuds.

Spoiler Press Driver - Gorilla press to a Rikishi Driver. This is the DEATH move, and a move that I'd be interested to see if it could be pulled off in real life. Probably not, but it at least sounds cool.

Spoilerhold Omega - It's basically a Dragon Sleeper/Camel Clutch hybrid. Pretty nasty submission hold if you ask me, especially done by a 300+ lb. guy.

Spoiler-[insert move here] - All of Spoils' moves can be personalized to him by putting the word Spoiler- in the move somehow. Shooting Spoiler Press, Sweet Spoiler Music, Super Spoilerman Buster, Spoilerline... you get the idea.

Fed History - MBE, A1E, TEAM Events

Title/Award History - MBE World Champion (x6), MBE Tag Team Champion (w/ Andrew Gilkison), MBE Unified Champion, A1E Cyber Champion, A1E Tag Team Champion (w/ Freakfish), 2006 Best of A1E Tournament Champion, 2006 TEAM Dupree Cup Co-Most Valuable Wrestler

Greatest Feud - Freakfish

You can make the argument for BobbyR here, but really, a feud that one-sided isn't a feud as much as it is a bloodbath (Sorry Bob!). With Freakfish though, Spoils had a rival that had a similar aura around him. Not the same in-character, but out-of-character. They were the Lennon and McCartney of MBE, as Bobby Rodriguez once put it. They started out as stablemates in the MBElite, Spoiler as the World Champion and Freakfish as the Unified. After the group splintered, I'm not sure what happened. Dan or Bill could tell you better, but that was before I got to MBE. By the time I had gotten there though, Spoils was out for a bit and Freakfish started his rapid ascent to the top, one that culminated with his World Championship win over Professor Tremendous. For awhile, FF was playing the role of the tweener, lean towards face Champion, taking on challenges from the new Midwest Mafia and such. Then came High Stakes '01, when a resurgent Spoiler earned his way back up to the top. It was a clash of titans, two of the greats in MBE history, battling it out for the Big Gold Belt. It had heat, no question, but it felt more like a dream match main for the biggest event on the calendar, not a blood feud.

And then the finish of that match happened. Freakfish screwjobbed Spoiler and in the process revealed that he was part of an evil syndicate that would put MBE in a stranglehold for the next six months with owner Mr. Amazing! and hired muscle WhiteNoise. Spoiler's rage could not be contained, and he made it his mission to not only take the title from FF, but to break him in the process. The next PPV, Spoiler took the title from FF. Over the next year, they'd go on to feud off and on, culminating in a seminal cage match where FF was injured at Spoils' hand. The Force of Nature had won in the end... or did he? At his HoF induction in MBE v. 2.0, his video feed was interrupted and desecrated by the PbPro contingient led by... you guessed it, Freakfish.

With Bill in retirement, it's not likely that this feud will be rekindled anytime soon. However, the first rule of e-fedding is never say never.

Required Reading - A smattering of Spoils' RP work, just to get a taste of what he's about:

Spoiler vs. Housefly: Icon vs. Icon at Golden Dreams VI
2006 Best of A1E Finals vs. James Irish, Dan Ryan and Big Dog
TEAM Championship of Champions Match vs. Lindsay Troy (c)

Greatest Hits

Spoiler vs. PILE (c - World) vs. BobbyR (c - North American), MBE World and North American Championships on the line (I believe this was at the original High Stakes, and it was the match where the MBElite was born)
Spoiler vs. Freakfish (c), MBE World Championship on the line at High Stakes '01
Spoiler vs. Housefly, Icon vs. Icon at Golden Dreams VI
Spoiler vs. Jason Payne, TEAM Dupree Cup semifinals (MBE vs. NFW)

Plus, pick any of his matches against BobbyR, Hida Yakamo, Andy Gilkison or James Irish

My Take on His Place in eW History

For most people around right now, the lore of Spoiler will always be larger than what they've seen him do, and for good reason. The original MBE was for the most part sheltered from the greater eW world that most of us knew about. Sure, Chad and Steve helped set up the forums on the original 1Bob sites, but outside of those two hooligans :p and the MBE originals, who really took notice? However, the impact of the character in the A1 world cannot be ignored, and even if the rest of the eW world never sees Spoiler march into a fed and dominate it like he did in MBE, his legacy will live on in the influence of that seminal character. As the A1 world becomes fully integrated with FW and as FW serves as a port for people from PTC, WfWA, the angle fed world or wherever, they'll know the influence of the Spoiler. For that reason alone, he deserves to be mentioned in any conversation about great e-fed characters.


james irish said...

More, please!

Anonymous said...

Tommy this is my fave feature of anything you have done on your blog. Although I am in semi-retirement due to personal affairs I do keep up on the world of E-Fedding.

If I may request some future stars for "The Book On..."

Hida Yakamo
Dan Ryan
Lindsy Troy
Joey Melton
James Irish
Big Dog
Vic Creed

and maybe...

If it's a slow week...

If you are completely slumming and need to dig up the dirt on someone...

Irishred (what a bum)

Keep up the good work Tommy!!


C. Friendly said...

Thank you for that useful and informative feature. This Spoiler guy really sounds like the bees knees.

I'd hate to run into him in a dark alley (or wrestling ring). lol.

James Irish said...

I'm going to second the request for Lindsay Troy right now. She's so stubbornly prolific, you'll have no lack of choices for things to discuss.

Tom Holzerman said...

I'm hesitant to do Lindsay Troy because she's known all around the eW world. I started this series because I wanted to shine some light on guys that may only be known well in one circle.

HOWEVER... there's no denying she's one of the best characters in the history of our game, so I may just do one to put my own interpretation of what she's done. I dunno.

Next one will probably be Dan Ryan, Angelo Deville, Jason Snow or Housefly though.

Lindsay said...

If it were me, I'd do Snow next due to his being in the ToC. Might as well give the FW guys some background on him (although I'm sure Dave won't leave anything unturned with him once he gets going.) >=)

BigDaddy said...

Bah! That guy's a hack!


(awaiting the inevitable Spoilerbomb run-in)

Lindsay said...

Because I can't let the joke go by...

james irish said...

More, please!

That's what she said!

Jeff [aka Tact] said...

This was cool. I had heard of The Spoiler and tidbits of what he's done, but nothing as extensive as this. Definitely a solid feature, Holzerman.

Also, I agree with Lindsay about next highlighting someone from the eW world who's in the ToC. It would be good insight for us FWers.

Regardless, I'll be looking out for the next one.