Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busy busy busy

Yeah, work hit me hard again this week, so I haven't been able to review all the shows I wanted to yet. I did try to get the scoop on the poop for WfWA's International Wars, PSSPW's School's Out, NAPW's Badder Blood and of course, the biggie, NFW's Night One of Wrestlebowl. I feel bad because I promised more show reviews, but I just got hit with another round of digs in Jersey, two hours commute easy and no wireless access.

Still, I'm not too busy to throw out some congratulations. First to Lindz, for capturing the PRIME Universal Championship, becoming the first handler to my knowledge to be able to pull of a World Championship in both PTC and FW. Secondly, I'd like to throw some props out there to Bobby Nickens (Chris Storm, Guy Boudreaux) and Samantha Spinks (Tessa Windsor), who turned an eW relationship into love. After four years of dating, they got engaged recently. Congrats guys, always good to see love wherever it springs up.

More shillage on my part, I'm taking apps for the Tournament of Champions, and if you're interested in seeing if you're eligible, check out the threads at the various eW hubs that I frequent. If you're not eligible and you want in, there's a prime opportunity to get a spot through the FREE FOR ALL~! Match in TEAM's SuperShow V. If you're not eligible and you'd rather not do the FFA~! route, then I need good judges.

Also, a note to all those who are RPing for SSV... You have a little more than 48 hours to RP. If you've got something, now's a pretty good time to put it up.

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SamL said...

All you had to say was "Jersey". Take as much time as you need after visiting THAT place.