Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ask your blogger!

Alright, time to do the reader participation thing again. We did reader-suggested topics, guest columns and now I'll answer any and all questions you have for me. Just comment here and I'll answer them on the blog to the best of my knowledge.

To keep this from being a supershort entry, some notes:

- Go ahead and make some predictions on the ToC. You can do that right here. Just make a quickie prediction and a confidence level. This is for the purpose of making odds for vBookie.

- If you haven't noticed at any of the hubs, I posted a really, really long survey. If you haven't answered yet and have 20 mintues to a half-hour free, please answer it. I just love seeing what people think about eW, all the different ideas and all the questions that everyone, regardless of community, seem to be in unison about. I plan to post a similar topic every month on the hubs... although future ones won't be nearly as long as the survey :)

- Even though I haven't read the show yet, I got the spoilers from it and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Mike Dove on winning the NFW World Championship as Kin Hiroshi. The trend of good guys winning World Titles continues into 2007, and by my reckoning, there isn't anyone in this hobby more deserving of winning the big one right now than he is. This is long overdue, and it couldn't happen for a nicer guy.


Mike said...

Springboard thanks for the kind words. I don't know about "couldn't be a nicer guy", though the women I paid to dance on me last night seemed to also think the same thing.

Of course, I think they thought I was a cop too.

SamLandry said...

Question: Do you plan to do anything with the surveys (will they lead to further posts about them?) or are they just for everyone to read and have fun with? Either way works, as I had a good time filling them out/reading others, and I always like your input and opinion on things, whether I agree or not.

Mike said...

In TOTAL eW Survey, you wrote:

"5. What characters do/did you handle? - *breathes in* Jericoholic Anonymous, Benoitholic Anonymous, Angleholic Anonymous, Priest, Eisenkreuz, Captain Suleimon, Joey Baggadonuts, One, El Pantera, Roderick McRatrick, Maggot, Mssr. Fantastic, Sephiroth, Hoss Garrison, Jake McCody, "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan, The Phantom Republican, Der Braumeister, Jess Chapel, Annihilator, Damien, Kenny Hardwood *gasp*"

My question is: why do you handle so many "wrestlers"? There are tons in that list that are AMAZING gimmicks, but do you feel that by handling a company's roster worth of talent that you can lose focus, thus diminishing the RPs, on a whole, and cause you to never reach full potential (even though I never want to RP against JA for another year...I still have nightmares about that match)?


SamLandry said...

Question: You handled a character named Sephiroth? There better be a golden fucking reason for that :P

Dan West said...

Question 1: What "retired" handler would you most like to see return to the game and why?

Question 2: Same thing but replace "handler" with "character".

Lindsay said...

What name would you give the McRatrick/Curiosity/Mittens/Lowell stable in my eW survey?

james irish said...

When are you going to do that theory post on comedy in e-fedding I suggested?

Ryan said...

If you could reinvent e-wrestling, how would you do so?

(IE, making the actual reading of roleplays important, segment value, roleplay value, etc.)