Saturday, October 07, 2006

The E-Fed Blog presents: Ultimate MBE!

Because I want to spur discussion about something other than GTT6 ;)

Reader Dan West, living with no less than 20 other living things in his Delaware Valley house that poop, asked about doing another one of those Ultimate tournaments, and although he didn't specify which fed, I'm pretty sure he was hinting at MBE. So, in order to give the people what they want, I'm presenting to you...

The Ultimate MBE Tournament

Much like I did with U-A1E, I'm going to go with 64 of MBE's best. I'll probably end up posting some discussion about this in the A1 Efed Smarts and Marks forum, but the seeding will be up in about a week or so. Same deal, I post matchups, you vote for them.

Anyhoo... I've still got two requests from the original entry to do, plus a fresh one that I got this morning. The status on all of those:

-Feud recaps... I may start doing those regularly, but I'll definitely do one in the next week.

-Guest bloggers... I'm still waiting on receiving the content from the two guest bloggers I commissioned (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

-And I got a good request from someone in chat this morning about the politics of being a fedhead. I'll tackle that this week too, or at least I'll try.

So anyway, look for the Ultimate MBE stuff at A1, as that'll get started sooner rather than later.

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