Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Jeremy J. melts down at the AWC boards

I know this was a locked topic, but he said some pretty nasty things that I wanted to reply to there. Hyde, please forgive me, but also understand that I'm doing it with my own BOOMSTICK rather than doing it on your forums.

Anyway, first off, yes, Jeremy J. should have stayed away from AWC after he got axed. He was told to stop pushing buttons but he kept it up anyway. If you're booted from a fed, why stick around?

Secondly, good riddance. Yes he wrote matches every week, and he wrote them in prolific numbers, but they were often bad and he'd often make his favorite characters look like gods at the expense of other people. Nothing against JJ's favorites, but if I, Ferg, Josh K., Sam or anyone else who isn't slobbered over by the matchwriter puts up a quality RP, then they shouldn't be borderline squashed in a match, and our matches shouldn't be used as personal spankrags for the matchwriter's own whims. I've always felt strongly about this, just ask Roger and the rest of the A1E crew about how big a pain in the ass I can be about writeups :p If we in AWC have to struggle for matchwriters... then so be it, but it's better to have quality matches in a little later than usual than to have a hack write them, screw them up and piss people off in the interim.

Lastly... I'm not going to pick on him completely here, but rather, I'm going to address the overarching point in his puerile little tirade to everyone in the e-fed universe.

Late cards... I know that many folks from the PTC side of things expect to have a regular schedule of a show a week. I know that when you get used to having things so punctual, even a day's lateness can throw some people off. Suffice to say, I used to come from a world like that. Way back in the day, A1E and MBE ran on a weekly schedule. Even after MBE closed, A1E still kept regular, and for the most part still keeps regular today on a biweekly slate. I remember the antsiness that we'd used to have when a card was late.

Then, I got to FW back in 2004. At first, I was taken aback by the relative slowness of card production. It was something new for me, and I was pretty restless in the beginning. That wouldn't last. I started to realize that at times, people had the passion for the hobby and the desire to go, but that real life sometimes had to intervene. The FW crowd had a lot of older guys, holdovers from the P* days when they were all teenagers ten years ago. Now, a lot of them are adults. Dave Brunk has three kids and two jobs. Chad Merritt's always out on business. Jon Katz is working 12 hour days. Sean Edmunds is in law school. Josh Ray's in the Army. Gregg Gethard is getting married and in the process of getting a Masters. JAMARRRR~! *shakes fist* Nicholas is a comic artist. Even myself... I'm working 40 hours a week and I've got a full social life myself. When you grow up, the passion's still there, but the time may not be as plentiful as you want it to be. We're not all in high school or undergraduate college anymore.

Of course, there may be some people at PTC who run things well with the same situations. Those guys are to be lauded, but not everyone can keep up with the pace. What we all need to realize is that this is a hobby and not life. If a card is late, so what, as long as it's worth the wait, who gives a good God damn? Tom Petty might have sung "The waiting is the hardest part," but in the grand scheme of things, it's not all that bad. Someday, you might be in the same shoes as people like Brunk, Chad or Katz.

Now, I know it can be frustrating to wait. I know that I get like that sometimes. But to flip out and start pitching a bitch because one card is late is ludicrous. Disagree with me on the paragraphs before this one. I can respect that, but don't tell me that outbursting over late results is okay. We all have lives, we all have shortcomings... deal with it.

A wise man once said patience is a virtue. This isn't truer in any other walk of life than e-fedding.


Jamar said...

I'm not aspiring!

Tom Holzerman said...

Fixed :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - he's ASPIRING to make deadlines there too!

--Must Die

Jamar said...

nice dood!

Anonymous said...

It's ok Tom, the only reason I locked the topic was mainly so Jeremy wouldn't clog up the board with more of his random comments. I had faith in the rest of you guys being restrained but not Jeremy.


Anonymous said...

fuck you tom you pathetic loser!!111!!1!1!1!!1!!1!

Sam L. said...

yeah, it was a shame it had to happen, but it was inevitable. and, yeah, kudos to the point about the match writing.