Thursday, October 05, 2006

[GTT6] A survey and my pick to win

Alrighty, I composed an informal, three-question survey about GTT6 and I set out to get the opinions of various PTC heads. Now, I'm not going to associate the names with the answers because some of them are judges and I don't want to make people think they're biased, but I will tell you who all voted. You can try to guess who picked whom though ;)

Alrighty, your list...

Sean Williams - Handles Seymour Almasy, is the current PTC Global Champion and is your all-purpose target in this year's tournament
Mat Waters - He's Poser Jebus, plus he's handled two of PTC's most infamous characters, Xavier Kannon and Karina Wolfenden
Josh Kalvaledge - Handles Garbage Bag Johnny and pretty much has placed AWC in a garbage-ridden stranglehold, winning Zero 2 Hero and the AWC Transatlantic Championship within his first four months in the company.
Joe Schmidt - He's fucked your mind in both AWC and PRIME, blown up in the ring (or did he?) and won IG24 as The Illustrious Face-Eater
Kat the Shadow - She's the most recent former Global Champion as Shadow and she's got GCW under her thumb
Obinna - Handles a million characters (most recently Anton Assault in AWC, Danny Boy Vegas at TEAM SuperShow I and Easton Weston Hall in GTT6), plus runs KINGPro
Pitt Hix - Global's BMOC, he recently handled Jake Hix to a 4th place finish in the TEAM Tournament of Champions
Tom Ford - Architect of much fWo insanity as High Flyer, the fed's last Champion, also ran IWO for awhile
Max - Runs FUSE, and runs it well, I might add... has handled Team Baked and Jason Warr in the past
Sam Landry - Handles AWC's resident Bible thumpers, The Furious Fists of God
Andy Hewitt - What can you say that already hasn't been said? Handles a plethora of characters, including GTT4 pwner, GTT6 co-favorite and XUW Intercontinental Champion Dr. Curiosity
Trent - He handles Agent Dash in AWC and GTT6
Tywon - Been all around the world, most recently in PRIME, AWC and the recently departed ACW
Billiam - He's Mr. GCW, and has also graced Global with Vivica J. Valentine and Christian Zenith
Aaron Dillon - Another guy who's been all around the world in places like ACW, jOlt, PRIME, tSC, NFW and most currently GCW as the Only Diamond in This Sport, Brandon Youngblood
Lindz - Another one whose resumé is impeccable, she, like me, originally made her name in the FW world and A1E. In addition to her 3rd place ToC finish and World Championship in EPW, she's also a Tag Team Champion in PRIME
Darryl - Handles Killean Sirrajin in PRIME
Dean - Currently retired, but he's handled in PRIME, Core, GCW and other feds in the past as Baltasar and Buddy Kingfisher
Fergus Looney - An AWC mainstay as Jack Murphy
Al Larcher - YEEEHAW~! The Wild Williams Family is Al's domain
Ryan Murray - He's the bane of PTC as Archibald MacGregor, he's entering this as Clinton Sage, and like me, he's a Wawa afficianado

Now, without furhter ado...

1. If Rich Rollins, Seymour Almasy, Karina Wolfenden, Dr. Curiosity and Shadow somehow all got eliminated within the first two rounds of GTT6, who do you think would win?

As with the other two questions, I got varied response to this question, but not as varied. Looks like folks have latched onto a select few:

Clinton Sage - 4
Garbage Bag Johnny - 4
Nova - 4
The Illustrious Face-Eater - 3
Tchu - 2
Saij - 1
Jason Snow - 1
Digital Mortality - 1
Tigera - 1

Next up...

2. Among the super-unknowns, who do you think has the best shot of winning?

This one was a little more varied... a lot of different definitions of the word "super-unknown" too. Regardless, there are still a few favorites here despite the variance, plus a few people still seem to think I'm unknown... fancy that :p

The Mysterious Masked Mexican - 3
Easton Hall - 3
The Phantom Republican - 2
Samuel Tobias Stevens - 2
Yori Yakamo, Jr. - 2
Xian Phillipse - 1
Angelica Dominique - 1
Plucky the Cockfighting Duck - 1
Steve Watson, CPA - 1
The Handler - 1
High Flyer - 1
Garbage Bag Johnny - 1
Cadence Rain - 1
Dusk - 1


3. Aside from yourself, who are you rooting for to win GTT6?

Much more variance here... a wide range of characters who are liked enough to be wanted to win this thing :)

Nova - 3
The Illustrious Face-Eater - 3
Seymour Almasy - 2
Plucky the Cockfighting Duck - 1
Hoyt Williams - 1
Jack Murphy - 1
Dr. Curiosity - 1
Token Weed - 1
Tigera - 1
Ely Braxton - 1
Garbage Bag Johnny - 1
Saij - 1
Tchu - 1
Tessa Windsor - 1
Shadow - 1
Violence Jack - 1

Alrighty, now, before I get to my pick, here are my answers to the above questions...

1. If Rich Rollins, Seymour Almasy, Karina Wolfenden, Dr. Curiosity and Shadow somehow all got eliminated within the first two rounds of GTT6, who do you think would win?

I'd have to go with Tchu. Like I've said before, he's dominated PRIME for the last few months, facing the best competition and outright owning them. He's used to the pressure (one burp against Clyde Walkins notwithstanding) and outside of PRIME, you rarely see him mentioned within the i-fed (at least where I've noticed). He's talented enough to win, and under-the-radar enough to dodge the overwhelming hype.

2. Among the super-unknowns, who do you think has the best shot of winning?

I was going to say YYJ, but with all the praise he's been getting on the PTC boards, I don't think he's that super-unknown. Also, another guy from A1 land has entered this thing, and he's on occasion dominated YYJ and Jeff's other character, Hida Yakamo. I'm talking about Steve Watson, CPA. Dan's got a pretty sharp wrestling mind, and he can take the most inane-sounding gimmick and turn it into the most over thing in your fed or tournament.

3. Aside from yourself, who are you rooting for to win GTT6?

Well, I want AWC to do well. I want us to increase our standing within the PTC community. I want to get more angle fed and PTC big name free agents, and I want our unofficial ratings to go up. The best way we can do all that is to have one of our guys win this thing. I think GBJ has our best shot, and I'm pulling for Josh to do well, but I have to say that if I don't win, I hope Jack Murphy does. Ferg's one of the most underrated handlers in AWC, and I think he has the talent to be one of the best, no matter what community. He deserves to get some press, and hopefully, he's able to slog forward and take the mantle for our humble little Club.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for

The pick

I posted my shortlist the other day. From that... there's one guy on that list I think is ripe for a first round upset: Rich Rollins. He's got Clinton Sage, one of Ryan's crazy characters, and I think the combination of rust and the fact that Ryan's been so hot lately... I think he's gone.

Now that that's out of the way and before Andrew sends me hate mail :), let's move onto the bracket winners.

Eeyore: This seems to be a pretty loaded bracket. You've got two on the shortlist here, plus some guys who could make big runs in Flyer, Watson, Murphy, the Vangelus Twins, Easton Hall and Hunter Jones. Honestly though, I think it comes down to Facey and Curiosity, and in a huge changing of the guard, I think Facey comes out on top to make it to the final six.

Kanga: Another pretty good bracket, two shortlisters, plus Windsor, Valentine and HOYT~! Since guys with target symbols on their backs tend to do well in these events, I'm going to go with Almasy. Kimbusa might just be his hardest challenge, but I think he can take that and the bracket.

Piglet: The randomizer must have hated the four favorites in this bracket because it paired them up into two matches. I already called the Sage over Rollins upset, so that leaves the winner of the Tchu/Jack match to be the other contestant to the bracket. I'm going to go with Tchu here, because at least the big matches will be right up his alley. I think he can take anyone in this bracket, and I think he will.

Pooh: Well, let's assume I don't win this bracket :p... seriously, I'm not going to pick myself in a serious competition, I just hope to do well. But assuming that I don't come out here, you've still got a whopping THREE shortlisters, plus PRIME Killer Digital Mortality and PRIME Cut Killean Sirrajin. There are also three certified upset specials in this bracket in Jason Payne, Damien Cruz and Agent Dash. I think this might just be 2006's Bracket of Death. Yes, I am officially christening it as such. So who comes out of this? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Nova here. He's due.

Rabbit: On paper, this is the easiest/weakest bracket. But these matches don't happen on paper... they happen in cyberspace :p... well you know where I'm going. For me, this is a toss-up, no shortlisters and a lot of unknown quantities and rising stars. Ember, M3, Tigera, Samuelsson, Bobino... out of all of these, I'm going to pick Tigera to make the final six.

Tigger: GBJ is the only shortlister here, and it's no secret, I'm picking him to come out of this bracket. I don't think it'll be easy though. He's got to deal with Youngblood, Saij, Plucky, Snow and Storms (if he shows, that is). Should be an entertaining bracket, but if anyone but GBJ comes out of here, I'll be surprised.

So your final six... Facey, Almasy, Tchu, Nova, Tigera, GBJ... six solid writers, six entertaining characters... only one can win. Who's my pick?


I think he's got too much momentum going for him. Sorry Matt, I didn't mean to jinx you, but right now, I think you're going to take this.

So there. That's my pick. Now... discuss!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Tchu's getting past VJ, and niether is GBJ coming out of the tigger bracket.

Anonymous said...

Tchu can get past VJ and could possibly win the whole thing. Facey is not coming out of Eeyore if Curiosity is there.

Tom Holzerman said...

I don't mind critiquing of my picks... but please, leave something to identify yourself with your criticisms :p

Anonymous said...

I promise that I didn't make the second comment!

I love GTT for many reasons, one of which is seeing favourites from so many circles come together and bash it out. There's always an element of luck in winning the whole shebang, but it's a beautiful congregation of fellow hobbyists, if that isn't too gay a word to use.

P.S. Yay for wine.

Andy Curiosity

Garbage Bag Johnny said...

Anonymous, learn how to spell before you count me out. I realize my bracket is full of scary competition, but I have as good of a chance as anyone in the bracket to come out on top...same goes for Facey even if Doc Curiosity is in his bracket.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to make a new theme song to illustrate my prowess, but can the follow-up to the hit "Garbage Bag Johnny will win Zero II Hero" be far off?

Hyde said...

Get Primus back in the studio.

Anonymous said...

the only reason Tigera is advancing is because her bracket sucks. she wouldn't stand a chance in any other bracket.

anonymousjoe said...

face-eater is the best and will shit on everyone.

Anonymous said...

HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE... mail. See, that wasn't so bad. =)

These columns kick ass, man. Keep it up!
-Andrew (Rich Rollins)

Obinna said...

Mmm, one-half of the super-unknown tops.
Life is good. Life is...

ORANGE~! (KINGPro joke)

- Obinna (Easton Hall)