Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Rundown: A1E

Yes, A1E, my home fed. What do the initials stand for? Some say nothing, others say A1 Entertainment. I prefer the former, just because I'd rather not advertise that the name wrestling isn't in the marquee :p

The site!

The Champions
World: Richard Farnswirth
Cyber: Cross
Triple Star: Mr. Amazing!
Tag Team: Big Dog and Dan Ryan

Latest Event

8/20's edition of Warfare, live on the Ocho :p

The Skinny on Recent Happenings

There's a ton happening in A1E right now, and that's not surprising, seeing that they're in the build to their biggest PPV of the year, Golden Dreams VI (which is actually GD VII, but the first one wasn't numbered :p). Let's start at the top with the World Championship chase. Right now, Andrew Gilkison is in hot pursuit of Richard Farnswirth's World Championship as retribution for keeping him hostage for the better part of a year. It started when Andy was the Cyber Champion last year. Farnswirth and the rest of the Highland Park Social Club invoked Gilkie's membership with the group. Andy was an original member, but when he left A1E the first time, he apparently didn't quit the HPSC. Under an oppressive contract, he was at the mercy of Farnswirth for several long months until he was finally sent home by The Farnz for insubordination. You can't keep Andy down though, and soon he as back harassing the HPSC and fighting in a Contract on a Pole match at Mercury Rising against Duchess and Mr. Fikes. Gaining a small measure of revenge wasn't enough. Now Gilkie wants to hit the HPSC right where it hurts by taking the World Championship off of Farnswirth. Can he do it at one of Golden Dreams' huge main events?

Speaking of the HPSC, it finally happened. Slambo the Clown has finally broken away from the HPSC. Or has he? Well, yes, he has, unless you believe Chip Friendly has the real Slambo in his employ. This week, the real Slambo takes on the fake one, but how did we get here? Well, it all started when the Best Friends lost the Tag Team Championships to Big Dog and Dan Ryan. Chip blamed the loss on Slambo, and Slambo had enough of being treated unlike a friend. So he snapped at Chip. Chip and the rest of the HPSC thought it was an aberration, but Slambo soon found refuge in the company of real friends like Andy Gilkison. Chip was undeterred though, bringing in an imposter whom he claims is the real Slambo. This week is only an appetizer though to the impending Chip/Slambo showdown at Golden Dreams.

Keeping the flow going with another Dan West character, The Spoiler and Housefly are on a collision course. It started at Bloody New Year, when Spoiler appeared in the Pier Six Brawl for the express purpose of destroying Fly. He didn't finish the job then, but he's made it his life's mission in A1E to do so. Biding his time feuding with James Irish and holding the Cyber Championship, Spoiler tore through the Best of A1E Tournament like a hurricane. AS his spoils, he could have had anything, but he chose the DREAM match of taking on Fly in the other Golden Dreams main. So much animosity between these two superstars, who's going to come out on top The standard of A1E, or perhaps the greatest wrestler in MBE's history and then some?

Who to watch for

James Irish James has been around the main event scene for two or three years now, busting his ass, working with the Cyber and Triple Star Championships. He may have recently lost out on his only chance for the World Championship, but nothing can hold the Clown Prince of A1E down for too long. Expect him to be back in the World Championship scene sooner rather than later.

Dan Ryan Right now, he's got the Tag Team Championships with Big Dog, but if they ever drop those straps, watch out. Ryan has the name caché and the talent to make a bee-line to the World Championship.

Rocko Daymon Daymon's been a solid character wherever he's gone. Just from seeing him in the TEAM Invitational, he's impressed me, and now he's bringing the heat to A1E. I wouldn't be surprised to see him with gold before the year's out and I think he could be in the main event mix by this time next year.

Duchess Honestly, no one's been more consistent. I know she gets ragged on sometimes, but you can count on her to keep you busy. Plus she's improved a lot over the last couple of years. If she can get a good story behind her, then expect some bigger things from her.

Anti-Cross No, I don't know who he is, but I'm guessing we're all going to shit our pants when we finally find out who he/she is. Definitely one of the most entertaining storylines in A1E right now. Big ups to both this character and Cross, who's really come back into A1E with a vengeance.

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