Friday, August 25, 2006

Your Ultimate A1E Winner...


Three-time former World Champion, a former Tag and Cyber Champion, 2005 Pier Six Brawl winner, leader of The Empire, the face of A1E in the early years and its living legend in these modern times, and now, one more thing to add to his mantle...

The Ultimate A1E Tournament Champion.


Next up in the queue is definitely Ultimate MBE Tourament. They're definitely next because I don't want Jeff to have an aneurysm. After that... well, I'm open to suggestions. Ideas I have:

Ultimate EWI/GXW/EPW
Ultimate CSWA
Ultimate fWo

So yeah, more to come in the later months.


Dan West said...

I am thinking that someone really should congratulate Roger on winning this. Roger.

Nicely run tournament, Tom. Thanks for doing it and I look forward for the ones to come.

BigDaddy said...

I thought the whole thing was fun to do. Spent some time thinking about guys I hadn't even considered in a while. Thanks for running it, Tom.

And yeah, I guess I can congratulate Roger again, but I did enough of that when I laid down for him. }>