Monday, August 21, 2006

Colossus III

Thanks to my busy schedule and such, I haven't been able to slog through Colossus III completely until now. Let's go segment by segment, shall we?

Obligatory Pre-Match...

Good little segment. I think I'm smelling some reverse psychology here from Dick. Gotta love Tony Danza showing up too. All we needed was some MOOOOONA~! and it would have been perfect.

Introduction to CIII

Rehashing of past Colossus mains and hype for Sirrajin/Tchu. Served its purpose well.

Tag Title Match

Holy shit, those intros were long. Christ I thought the GCW intros were excessive. However, before you guys rip me apart for the comparison, Pete and Lindz, I have to say that a) they were at least befitting the magnitude of the event, b) were entertaining to read and c) they weren't longer than the match itself. So I'm okay with them.

Speaking of said match, I thought it was a good, brisk opener, and the Worth turn on Ferg was very well done even if it wasn't totally unpredictable.

One thing that bugged me about this match and a bunch of others... I really hate the "PRIME THAT SHIT!" chant. I don't know what bothers me about it. Part of it seems like it's a bush-league chant for the fed that is purported to be the best and finest around. Part of it is that it just reeks of trying to recreate the "ECW! ECW!" chant. I mean, no fed, e-fed or real life that I know of has a chant that includes its initials in it that I like. I guess it's because for me, ECW's the only fed that did it well, and it's the only fed for which it felt organic. I don't know. It's a matter of taste. Don't take it hard, guys.

Ron Perlman

I liked this segment a lot. Usually, feud advancing segments on PPVs fall flat for me because the matches should be the ones advancing the feuds, but of course, this one was starting/advancing a NEW feud. Good way to take the focus of the tag belts away from the A-list and into a new direction. Very interested to see how well B&P and the Covenant mesh together.


This was about as good as you could do for a no-show outside of squashing the guy to holy hell. Even though it technically advances the feud past the PPV blowoff point, which is normally bad, I feel like this segment was necessary. Ivan/Titan needs to be blown off in the ring, decided by RPs, not by one RP and one no-show. Plus, it's Ivan being Ivan. What's not to love?


This was a big disappointment. Not from a matchwriting standpoint, but from a no-show standpoint. A lot of guys whom I thought would do well in this thing (The Covenant, Team Baked, Hiroshi, Kingfisher) didn't show, and it took a lot away from the writeup in turn, seeing that only Damien Cruz and Adam remained.

Still, the match had okay flow. It kinda read like a cross between an ACW/angle fed type match and a regular PRIME/A1E style PBP mixed in with dry narrative describing what's being done in the match. It worked somewhat. Maybe with a little refinement, Pete'll find the elixir that guys in ACW were looking for (a good mix between their narrative style and PBP) before they closed.

Playing with fire

Good, straightfoward heat-building segment.


I like the idea behind the segment. I thought it was well-written. However, why couldn't this have gone on ReV 103? Something like this seems like such a production, it should go naturally on a television show. From what I've heard about the match itself (remember, I'm reviewing as I go along here), it seems like overkill to have anything more than your standard wrestling promos on the card to build further.

Once More, with Feeling

I've been on record before as saying I don't like this angle at all. Unless Bryan is really dying of cancer (in which case, it's therapeutic, and if he is, then God bless him and I wish him the best), then I don't think it should be on the show. It's a big downer, and I don't think it's entirely in good taste to exploit a disease like this as a wrestling angle. Plus, any segment that begins with the line "I picked out my urn last week..." I do e-fedding to get away from my fears and depressions. Reading things like that just puts me down, and I don't want that.


First thing's first... Gamble's theme song is gold.

There was also a lot of good banter in this match between Nick and Richard. "Las Vegan? Is that like Las Vegetarian?" and Richard's rare flash of verbal eloquence. THe action was well-written too. I really liked the finish too, turning Gamble's cheating ways against him. Good close to a good feud. Hopefully Winters will run with the title, and Gamble gets elevated after this. His character is gold and I expect big things from him.

Change Your Mind

Wow, this was a very powerful segment, sans the Delray part. Normally, I like Reggie Delray, but I'm used to seeing him in comedic A-list segments. This segment had Ferg in full dick mode, clamping down on the über-face, and Delray makes it unnecessarily silly. Still though, he couldn't dampen the symbolism.


Once again, not a huge fan of the cancer stuff. Not going to beat this with a stick though. It's there, I can't do anything about it, so why rag on it incessantly? I loved the refrence to YouTube and "JACKED UP!" referring to Delray getting planted on his ass though. Alright, enough with the intros. Bringing out Sandusky as a counter balance to Richard's dickedness was a good move. Adds to the specialness of the match. Some of this banter was really good. Especially the Floyd Landis zinger.

The match strats for both Ferg and Lamen here were good too. I like how Ferg's trying to break the weakened Lamen and Lamen's using his "hyper-kineticism" to outpace Ferg. A lot of really good action peppered in the match too, and I enjoyed the finish of the match. I guess I can look past the cancer stuff and appreciate the good guy's final farewell to the PRIME ring here.


A very good segment, but seeing the two characters behind it, I'm not surprised. The only thing that bugs me about it is that I think Lindsay is running the risk of being overexposed, co-mingling with The Covenant, Killean, the A-List, Gamble and Tchu all in the past month or so. However, sowing seeds with Gamble is a good idea just in case the Covenant doesn't stick around that long.


Oh, the match was awesome. I loved the intros, the interactions between Nova and the drunk bitches, the bong shot, ladder antics. Even the hot air baloon finish... it was an á propos end to a silly but entertaining feud. I even liked the respect angle at the end.

But spontaneous combustion? There had better be a pretty good explanation for this in the coming weeks or else the post-match stuff makes utterly no sense.

Bittersweet Conflict

Good, straightforward segment. Looking forward to the Ferg/Worth feud as long as it's they put a new wrinkle on the management/wrestler feud that's been done so many times before.


I liked this segment, seeing that it advances the Facey madness with Ferg slipping out with the Intense Title.


Richard: w/e Nick.

Nick: Did you just say double u slash ee?

Richard: lol yea u need 2 b kewl lik me! Rofl!

That exchange made me smile. As for the rest of the match, good, standard PPV fare. Ballsy finish, but I really liked it though. I could picture in my mind all the steam just going out of the crowd. Plus I'm a mark for (somewhat) clean finishes.

Coming Undone

This is how a hype segment for a match on-card should be done.


Good character building segment, plus it adds an aura of violence to the match. The subtle stuff... you pick up on it, and it makes things a lot more impactful when they happen.


The colossus of Colossus... the entrance was well-put together. Good retrospective on their animosity. The match itself... man, it was one hell of a long read. As with any really, really long match, parts dragged, but all-in-all it was a very well-done, action packed match, befitting of two of PRIME's best. It's a shame to see Iggy go, but I guess that's all Richard's got for him I suppose. When it's your time, it's your time, and this was a great way to send him out.


More hammering home of Iggy's departure... good read.


The only thing I might have done here was switch the length and gravity of this match with the previous match. I mean, this match was very good and befitting a main event, but this match also had four years of animosity behind it. I can understand though not having two mammoths in a row seeing as I guess Iggy deserved to have that length behind him.

Length isn't everything though, and the title match had a lot of other things that make a main event great. Lots of high impact stuff, well-written passages and a climactic ending. Can't ask for anything more.


I'd have to say on the whole that this was a very good read. You could tell that they put the time and effort into making this their biggest show of the year. Congrats to all the winners and appreciations to everyone who contributed.


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