Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some random nuggets and self-promotion

- First up, for all you PRIMEates and PRIMEfans, I will have a full review of Colossus III when I get done reading it. I have a lot on my plate, but this is the biggest PRIME PPV of the year, and I'd like to do it proper justice.

- The self-promotion part... the Dupree Cup starts tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited with the turnout. Eleven feds sent teams, which was way more than I could have hoped for to begin with. I think we got a somewhat diverse turnout too. I can see where someone would argue against that seeing that it's very A1/FW heavy, but looking at it, A1 and FW are different communities that just happen to overlap a little. Plus, with feds like EUWC, WZW and of course NAPW in, you have the flavor of some feds that have a little overlap into FWland, but that are also entities amongst themeslves. I would have liked to have had more PTC involvement, but what can you do if no one bites on the invite, y'know? I'm more than happy to have AWC aboard, as well as representation from the angle fed community in LoC.

That's not to say I don't appreciate the A1/FW outpouring, because I very much do. I don't want you guys in A1E, NEW, EPW, NFW, UCW or MBE to feel like I take you for granted, because I don't. Every time I throw an event, you guys come out en masse and I appreciate that. If it weren't for you guys, I'd probably have given up on this TEAM thing a long time ago.

- The Gold Rush match over at the C-S-Dub is coming to a close, at least the RP portion of it, and man, talk about turnout. A hyooooge shout out to everyone who took the time to throw something up, and especially to the promo warriors like Brunk, Pete, Dove and of course, GG, as well as all the new guys. The only concern I have about all these n00bs taking over is that they might get discouraged if they don't come out of this with a belt and leave right away. I think that would be pretty damn sad if that happened; it would only be another sign of the decline of this hobby. While this is a great opportunity for everyone involved, there are only four belts to go around, and let's face it here... I'm not so sure that anyone, myself included, stepped up enough to legitimately claim the UNIFIED Belt away from Gregg and Troy Windham. Even so, I honestly feel that even if one doesn't walk away with a belt, they should stick around and try to earn it the old-fashioned way... by earning it.

There aren't many people who want to pay their dues anymore it seems. I mean, a match like this gets a million people to show, but I bet like half of them wouldn't have come out if it was just a regular CSWA casting call. Not to marginalize these casting calls, because when Chad and Steve say that apps are open, a lot of people come applying. However, it just seems that a bunch of people showed up only to see if they could win gold and nothing else. That's not the best attitude to have, IMO.

I know you're not going to prevent it all the time, but hopefully, the majority of these guys stick around. It would breathe some life into the Granddaddy, and maybe it could kick-start the fed's self-sufficiency when Chad goes away for business.

- And just as a final note, if you're in NFW and you're reading this note, try to volunteer a match for the playoffs. Katz is working insane hours and he can't do this alone. Neither can McNic, seeing that he's only one person. So if you want the results to come out at a pace slightly quicker than glacial, volunteer and get a match in on time.


Joshua C. Ray said...

Your comments about the CSWA casting call are some of the reasons I turned it down when invited. I just don't feel I'm on the level where I get that respect, yet.

Maybe in a few years I'll think I have the pedigree. Until then... I need to pay my dues.

Anonymous said...



"I thought it was a trashcan!"

All Coming to America riffs aside, the NFW playoffs along with some UWA juicyness shall make Holzerman regret his omission of our fed from his biggest show of the season post.

And by regret, I mean he's going to feel so dumb that he'll pack this blog up, marry a fat 13 year old Thai hooker just trying to get a Green Card and maybe live life as a sherpa in the mountains with no net access 'cause our awesomeness will be BLINDING.


Yeah, I'm working 55 hours a week, but that doesn't mean my mad scientist brain hasn't concocted a new serum for making people scream the words "KATZ MUST DIE!"

Oh yeah...side note...McNichols' stuff is already in as of last night. I think he reeled off a novel. I'm going to finally break ground this weekend. I know, I suck. ;)

Help on some of the West shortforms would be nice (yes shortforms, you no-showing bastards!), but it still doesn't take away from the fact that I'm adding a spicy special attraction to that show that wasn't planned.

Of course, it shall carry over into the next rounds as get those "MUST DIE!" chants ready.

I'm out like Aaron Dillon two months into a fed for the 3rd time in a year.

TGIF from work,