Monday, July 10, 2006

Ultimate A1E... THE FINAL MATCH!

Housefly vs. Big Dog

For all the marbles. Who should win? Who has the better A1E resumé? Who's meant more to A1E over the years?

In one corner, there's Housefly. He's won nearly every title A1E has had to offer. He's had epic feuds with the heavyweights over the years... Beast, Prisoner #187, Nemesys, Cross among others. He's carried the fed as an underdog face and as a megalomaniacal heel. Many say he's the face of A1E.

In the other corner though... there's Big Dog. If there's anyone who can give Fly a run for his money, it's Dog, who's won the World and Tag Championships, in one instance by himself. He was a part of the greatest tag team in A1E history. He's feuded with so many of the greats, Beast, Euclid and Anarchy, Inc. just to name a few. It could be said that Dog is the heart and soul of A1E.

So who wins this match? The face or the heart and soul? That's for you to decide.


James Irish said...

I have to say Big Dog. Heart & Soul wins over mere face value.

Lindz said...

Who better to represent A1E than THE face of the fed. BD gets it.

BigDaddy said...

I'm not going to vote, but I will say that Roger is indeed the lifeblood of the fed. It's hard for me to separate Roger from Fly. Even if I could, Fly has been in an awful lot of big angles, and he's done everything to be done.

That said, that BigDog fella has done OK for himself too. hehe

Anonymous said...

I have to go Fly with apologies to Dog.

Roger and Phil are such great guys that either would be a worthy representative. This has no reflection on the handlers.

But if you ask me to name a wrestler from A1E the first one I say is Housefly.

Ok Tom...when do we start this for MBE?


Dan West said...

Tough tough tough tough call here.

I almost went with the coin toss, but figured that wouldn't be doing justice to this event.

I guess it all comes down to pickinging between multiple solid World Title reigns or one Epic reign?

So after long and careful consideration, many changes of heart, and a case of beer...

I am going with Fly due to the fact that he has always been able to build himself back up after losing the big belt into the main event slot. Whereas Dog has just kind of hovered just below that level since he lost the belt and in many was has even become Phil's secondary character.

That's not to say that Dog couldn't grab the Big Fiery Belt any time he has a shot at it and retake the top stop. It's more that I needed a justification to pick a winner and this was the best I could come up with.

AndyGilkie said...

For me, I have to go with Fly. He was at the top of A1E during the years where it really exploded into a creative powerhouse. It was the Housefly vs. #187 that brought Phil into E-Fedding. That means without Housefly, there would be no Big Dog or Richard Farnswirth. And even after riding the wave as the top face, he reinvented himself as a top heel with another angle that once again shook A1E to its core, with the Empire vs. the World and Beast vs. Fly dominating the whole fed for three years. Big Dog's heel run obviously never shook A1E like that, or he wouldn't have turned face again a year later.

That is big time impact folks. You can't seriously deny that.

Then, we got Fly winning the World title three times. That means he got back on the World Championship horse once and riding it successfully and then doing it again. Dog rode that horse for over a year, but he hasn't been able to do that again yet. The only time he has gotten REALLY close to doing it is January 2005.

I am sorry, but I got to go with Housefly.

Tom Holzerman said...

We need more votes, at least one more.

Because I'm voting Big Dog. Why? Well, I don't think there's ever been a point where Dog was stale. Even when he was jobbing matches to 187 and Anarchy, Inc., it wasn't because of his character dipping. Phil's done a tremendous job of keeping the Dog character fresh over the last five years. I can't say the same for Fly, who for all his acolades (which are probably more luminous than Dog's), went though a period between the end of the Empire and before his showing in the 2005 Pier Six Brawl where he was just drab and boring.

So I'm going with the minor upset, Dog over Fly. That ties the votes at three apiece. VOTE OR DIE, MFERS~!

Anonymous said...

Fly, but only by a hair.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that it would be one hell of a match but with all due respect to BD, I would have to go with Fly.

- Ryan (elim)