Monday, July 10, 2006

Some shows... TAKE TWO

Since Blogger was douchebaggish and ate my original post...

We're going to get some showage out of the way...

First up, I wanna pimp NAPW. They've been hitting on all cylinders the last couple of weeks, and it's produced some really good reads.

Tuesday Night Fights, 7/4
Friday Night Action!, 7/7

My one complaint with the matchwriting is the block text narrative paragraphs can be too long and the announce team, which is pretty good, seems to be underutilized. Other than that, these are fantastic, easy to read cards. Personal highlights for me were Team Man, the goings on with D!, Evan Cartwright and Carter Owens, KETCHUP~! in the ring and of course, the debut of Promo. I'm also really digging this F*NAPW thing they've got going, although I'm not sure how it started. Maybe I could get a little background from certain readers ;)

Next up in the queue is a long awaited show from GCW.


Let me preface this by saying this was my first GCW show ever. I won't be too analytical of the deeper angle stuff, seeing as there's a lot of context I've been missing out on, but I will comment very bluntly on the matchwriting. It was underwhelming, and that was disappointing, especially seeing that as a fed, you should showcase your matchwriting at the PPV.

My biggest complaint was that a lot of the matches didn't have enough gravity behind them. I mean, it's hard to explain what I feel is gravity enough, but it didn't feel like a PPV, especially a PPV that's been brewing for a few months. For one, in nearly every match, the intros were too long and focused too much on reprinting lyrics rather than what they should be for, which is providing the annoucers time to give a little backstory for the match and gauging the crowd reactions for each wrestler. The intros in most cases took away from the matches.

Secondly, some of these matches were too short and didn't have enough oomph behind them. The main culprits here were the main event, which is your World Championship, for crying out loud, and the gauntlet match. I felt a lot of these two matches was just thrown together. In both cases, it took away from LeStatt Knight's and Jacob McKail's big moments. I thought, and this is totally a manner of personal taste, that some of the writing was awkward and forced.

I'm not going to dump on the whole show though. I thought the US Championship match was well-written. I liked the Masked Man's interactions in the show, as well as Dorian Ryan's promo. I also thought the interaction between Dawn McFarlane and Shadow was provocative, although I'm a bit perplexed as to why the faction's leader is only at the CW title level. That's probably one of the contexts I missed out on, but it still strikes me as odd.

Anyway, this definitely was not a show that GCW needed after a long layoff, and hopefully, they can rebound. Their roster is too good not to.

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cnx said...

I think... after tomorrow's show... I'm going to do a MASSIVE NAPW Wiki update to completely explain everything.

Boy I love that Wiki. =D

Because tomorrow night...
Is going to be huge.