Thursday, July 13, 2006

ReV 100

So in the grand tradition of me reading a GCW show for the first time yesterday, I, like I said I would, read a PRIME show in full for the first time two days ago. That show was:

ReVolution 100

Unlike the GCW show... I was thoroughly impressed, because unlike the GCW show, you could sense there was something special going on. You got a sense of history with all the flashbacks to previous ReVs, including ones that featured past stars like Angelo Deville, guys who helped make PRIME what it is today. You felt a sense of importance, seeing that all five titles were on the line (Six if you count Ignatieus Liseaux's unsanctioned HoF title). There was a huge, landscape changing announcement. This is how a landmark show should be done. Feds should take note of this and strive for this kind of atmosphere. Some highlights.

- Tony Gamble was the dominant figure of the beginning of the show. His first segment ("I Dream of Damien Cruz") was a very solid interview piece. His second one where he confronted Johnathan Winters was okay, but it got the point across. I would have liked to have seen more interaction with Winters, but that's okay. Finally, the match, and it kinda sucks to see him lose his title. He seems like a very interesting character, but hey, he was probably out-RPed. Hopefully, he takes the next step up, because I like seeing him on the shows.

- One point of confusion for me was alignment. Who's the face and who's the heel? I think this was mostly prevalent with the interactions amongst Lindsay Troy, Tchu and K-Wolf, but I'm betting this is something I need to pick up with time. Speaking of which, the Troy/Tchu segment was very good. Lindz has always shone with collaborative segments, and it's a shame more handlers aren't like her in this regard.

- I just have to say that Ivan Stanislav randomly breaking the "DYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" in the middle of matches is my new favorite thing ever.

- The A-List segment... now, I read this and I'm thinking to myself that these guys could thrive in the FW environment. Brilliant wrestling promo segment by D-Ferg and Reggie Delray.

- Dustin Diamond as Hoyt Williams' mouthpiece? I thought this was a little overboard, and I also don't understand why the fans are chanting for Hoyt when it's clear that this behavior of shitting on them isn't new to this card, but I still thought it was a well-done, effective piece. Can't wait to see God's Champion back in action.

- Finally, we get the highlight of the night for me, which was Nova and Facey. Seriously, their sequence of segments and matches were pretty much the best e-fedding related thing I've read all year. Having each guy wrestle with the other glued to the other guy's hand was a very clever take, and Joe is just a fantastic writer. He's made me laugh more this year than anyone else in the hobby. The best part about the whole thing was that it wasn't some pretentious crisis type angle with no possible in-ring payoff. This is all about being a wrestling feud.

I think that's what drew me to this show the most. Everything on it had to do with wrestling feuds. Honestly, I can see now why everyone heaps praise on PRIME. They deserve it, and I hope they keep the quality up for 100 more shows at the absolute least.


Lindz said...

Tom, you should know by now that I blur the lines with LT. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just to answear on why the fans would cheer Hoyt. Its sorta the Vince McMahon thing. When he's off camera for a long time then returns he gets a pop and a cheer. It takes a few weeks before the fans hate him again. Piper gets that to its paying respect to a guy who's Don Rickles.

Great review of the show hoss.