Monday, July 17, 2006

Taking a verbal dump

Seriously, you go away for a weekend and you get so far behind. Seriously, I'm still trying to catch up. Lots of shows to look at, including NEW's RAUCOUS, NAPW's Friday Night Action, FUSE's KillZone 04, KingPRO's first show (more on them later) and of course, NFW's Midnight Madness Week 10. The biggest show, however, came from EPW.

Yep, remember when I previewed Unleashed? Well, it was finally posted on Friday. I just got through it tonight, and let me say that it was worth the wait. Why? It wasn't so much for the matchwriting in general. I thought that missing two matches is a bit much for a PPV we've had two months to get together. A bit much indeed. I don't blame the Brunkster for posting the card as is though.

But for the stuff that happened, plus the major matches, which include the main event, which was phenomenal (and which I got the order of elimination completely CORRECT!), the Tag Title Match and the Cruise/Foxx match, were very good, smooth reads. I also liked the returns of the Troys, both Douglas and Windham. Plus, I think it's safe to say that Joey Melton has become one of the MVPs of EPW (along with Lindz), because every time he's got a segment, my eyes are glued to the screen.

So go read. Now.

In addition to the shows, we have news of some new feds coming along. First up was the aforementioned KingPRO wrestling, which is set to bring competition-based puro-style wrestling to the e-fed world. The fed is headed by Obinna, who handles Anton Assault in AWC and who is a general friend to the E-fed blog. If anything, give the fed's site a quick perusal and at least think about joining. It's a great concept, especially if you want to go in the tag division. It kinda reminds me of the Lethal Lottery, only done on a regular basis. That has the makings for great stories and pairings.

The next one is a fed near and dear to my heart. The great and venerable MBE is coming back full-time, under the guidance of Jeff Paternostro. MBE heads will remember him as Hida Yakamo, while NFW neophytes will recollect him as the handler of Yori Yakamo, Jr. Of course, Dan West, Bill Dempsey and probably Bobby Rodriguez will have some hand in running it, so you have that vintage MBE flavor going for it. The rub is that Jeff wants to start fresh with a bunch of new characters. Of course, old MBE characters are welcome, but in order for the fed to get off the ground, we can't rely solely on the history. I think it's a great idea, and if you have new character ideas you want to try out, or if you have a character that you've been using but haven't used in MBE in the past, then come aboard.

Seriously, MBE was perhaps the best fed I've ever been a part of. I think we can recreate the magic if we get the ingredients right.

Back with another entry tomorrow, hopefully with THE CONTENT~!

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Demps said...

I know Jeff is doing the lion's share of MBE pimping (and we all thank you for helping get the word out Tom), but I just wanted to add (hopefully without spoiling anything) that we have some really ambitious ideas for the MBE relaunch as far as scheduling is concerned and we've also got what we think is a pretty original idea for posting results that we hope will get people talking about the fed again. Looking forward to stepping to the other side of the curtain again soon...