Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ultimate A1E Tournament: Professor Bobo Bracket

Before we get to this bracket, the results for the Allen Thomas Regional:

Housefly over Tick
Drifter over Torgo (in the only real close match in the first round thus far)
Torment over Pharaoh
Slambo over Metal
Farnswirth over Lady Rebellion
Spoiler over Freakfish
Shane over Chameleon
Ryan over Cirrus

Now, onto the next regional... let's say this bracket is done Wednesday.

Euclid (1) vs. FATSEXY (16)

Euclid is bar-none, one of the best all-around characters to grace an A1E ring. He's won the Tag Team Championships with two separate partners, held the World Championship for almost a year (if not over a year? someone help me here). He was part of the hottest tag team feud of all time (E and Druid vs. Dog and Gladdy vs. Chip and Bellview), and his feud with Big Dog is one of A1E's all time greatest.

FATSEXY made his A1E mark mostly early in the fed's history, and he also made a run in the tag ranks with Sabumafoo, even earning a Number One Contendership to the Tag Titles, which was never materialized due to Sabumafoo's unfortunate banning (well not unfortunate... make disparaging comments about the US during 9/11 and you deserve a banning).

Roderick McRatrick (8) vs. Hayt (9)

I hate doing these for my own characters, because I always feel like I'm going to fluff him up too much... so here's the bare essentials: Held the Triple Star Championship for a good long while, feuded with Canuck and Tank Jew :p

Hayt didn't win any titles, but he was a very important player in early A1E. He was a part of the Unholy Alliance with Metal and Cannibal, beat JA in the first Spiked Funeral Pyre match, and was one of the best pure promos on the roster.

James Irish (4) vs. Dam Skippy (13)

Don't listen to James when talking about himself... he deserves this seeding. He held the Cyber Championship, has a 2-0 A1E record against Dan Ryan, was a major player in the World Championship scene, held the Triple Star Championship for a good long time, is a major player in the Spoiler/Hida two-man invasion angle, and of course, is one of the most over faces A1E history.

Skip had a good run in A1E, most notably with his two runs with the Cyber Championship and his feud with Doc Silver.

Snake (5) vs. Eddie Weston (12)

Snake's run may have been short, but it was brilliant. He was one-half of the first ever A1E Tag Team Champions and held the World Championship, ending Fly's second reign, which was no easy task.

Eddie Weston's resume includes the Cyber Championship, being an integral member of Anarchy, Inc., and holding wins over JA, Beast and Big Dog, earning a rep as being a Legend Killer.

Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Reaper (15)

Kenny had great success both in the tag and singles ranks. In the former, he and Shane formed perhaps the most dominant tag team ever in Sensationally Perfect. In the latter, he stormed through the Number One Contenders' TOurnament, co-winning that with James Irish and then coming out on top at Golden Dreams that same year, winning the World Championship in a match featuring Torment, Shane and James Irish. He held that title for over six months.

Reaper was one of the early Cyber Champions, beating Andy Gilkison for the title. He lost it a month later, and his last claim to fame was being Torment's first opponent in A1E.

Mikey F'n W (7) vs. Xavier Storm (10)

Mikey was known early on in his career as A1E's jobber. However, he quickly outgrew that and started getting some success, first in the tag ranks with Snake, as they won the tournament to crown the first ever A1E Tag Champions. His feud with Xavier Storm also counts as one of A1E's great early feuds.

Speaking of X, he was the first ever A1E World Champion, an A1E Cyber Champion (who bridged the gap between the two most important Cyber reigns in A1E history, IMO). Plus the feud with Mikey.

Gladiator (3) vs. Freakshow (14)

Gladiator, for being a secondary character, has done it all. Won the World and Tag Championships, won Pier Six, was a part of the HUGE Empire angle, was a part of the hottest tag feud ever (see Euclid's entry :P), and his resume of feuds includes Captain Suleimon, Big Dog and Housefly.

Freakshow in A1E is more known for potential rather than results, although he has won the Survivor Championship.

Mr. Amazing! (6) vs. Haven (11)

In Mr. A!'s short time in A1E, he's established himself as a heavyweight. He's won the Triple Star Championship and has faced off against bigtime foes such as James Irish and Richard Farnswirth. His March To Glory is one of the best arcs in the company right now.

Haven's main credentials are his epic Tag Title reign with Torment and his being a founding father of Anarchy, Inc. He's also in a very hot feud with Dan Ryan.


BigDaddy said...
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BigDaddy said...

Euclid vs. Fatsexy
Euclid's World Title reign was just over 7 months long, but as mentioned, it was great. With a nod to Fatsexy's early contribution, Euclid takes this one easily.

Roderick McRatrick vs. Hayt
I've been around just about as long as anybody, and Hayt doesn't stick out to me at all. Roddy gets this one.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy
Skip was a fun little character as mentioned, but James is on a whole different level. James gets this one.

Snake vs. Eddie Weston
This one is a tough call. In another six months, I could probably talk myself into going with Eddie. But for now, I think I'm going with Snake here.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper
The POS has it all over Reaper in this one. World champ, tag champs ... way more than I thought this character was going to accomplish when he came on the scene.

Mikey F'n W vs. Xavier Storm
Don't forget the angle with Beast and Necro kidnapping Allie from Mikey. That was good stuff too. X was a fun read early on, but Mikey was better for longer.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow
As with Ken Cloverleaf, the Gladiator character accomplished more than he really ever had any right to. Jarret was just that good with him. He gets the vote here.

Mr. Amazing vs. Haven
Here's your close match for this round. I'm really liking what Mr. Amazing has been doing so far. That said, I've also been impressed with how Haven has evolved since first coming in. Both handlers (Bill and Roger) are outstanding. Very tough to pick, but I think I'm going with Amazing in just about a coin flip. My deciding factor is a belief that Mr. Amazing can be World Champ one day, and I don't quite see Haven reaching that level.

Dan West said...

Euclid vs. Fatsexy
Honestly, FATTY's contributions were fairly inconsistent and marginal. Euclid's finish with a1e always struck me as a bit "odd", but he wins here easily.

Roderick McRatrick vs. Hayt
Tough pick here as Hayt was always one of my favorite A1E pioneers and I totally loved Rodney. I think I'll toss a vote Hayt's way here for mercy reasons as I suspect Roddy might run away with it otherwise.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy
Skippy had a fun gimmick, but I missed most of his run with A1E. James has become one of the very best. He wins,

Snake vs. Eddie Weston
I was never as big a Snake fan as some people, although he did have a great runup to his world title win. But Eddie is a legend killer and has killed bigger legends that snake in his time - he wins in a very close match.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper
Kenny caught on with me right from his very debut (well before he really caught fire in A1E). He takes this one rather easily.

Mikey F'n W vs. Xavier Storm
I thought Mikey grew his character after his initial debut a lot more that X did. Mikey wins.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow
Gladiator had two really remarkable runs at two very different times, first as an uber-face then as an uber-heel. Freakshow's run in A1E pailed compared to what he did in MBE and was plagued by inconsistency. Gladiator wins after Freaky no shows the event.

Mr. Amazing vs. Haven
Best match of the night. I pretty much agree with Phil here. On past and present accomplishments, I might give them a draw. But MrA! takes it on future potential.

AndyGilkie said...

Euclid vs. Fatsexy
Euclid wins this. His World title run and his blood feud with Big Dog trumps everything Fatty ever did in A1E.

Roderick McRatrick vs. Hayt
I don't remember how good Hayt was, and there are no promos in the archives for me to read. But Roderick has his stuff there. So I am going with Roderick, because he is all I know.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy
James is funnier, smarter, more creative... he is just at a higher level. He wins.

Snake vs. Eddie Weston
Eddie has gotten some big notches on his belt recently, but Snake won in the main event of Golden Dreams and took the big belt home. Its close, but I am going with Snake by a hair.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper
It seems to me that Reaper flamed out after he beat me for the Cyber title. Kenny however, started out small and got better and better, and eventually became the second longest reigning World title holder. That puts him over here in my book.

Mikey F'n W vs. Xavier Storm
I will give Mikey the edge here for longivity.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow
This is a no brainer for me. Gladiator was one half of what many call the greatest tag team in A1E history, as well as the guy that ended Big Dog's year plus World title reign, and was a part of a highly successful stable that rocked A1E to its core. What the hell has Freakshow ever done in A1E? Glad wins.

Mr. Amazing vs. Haven
I love Haven as a character, but Mr. Amazing looks like he is unstoppable right now. I will go with Mr. A!

James Irish said...

Euclid vs Fatsexy: As much as I want to be unbiased, Fatsexy really just annoys the hell out of me. So I can't not be biased here. Euclid wins.

Roderick vs. Hayt: I wasn't around for Hayt. Gotta go with what I know, so Roderick wins.

Me vs Skippy: If I vote for my own match, a unicorn dies.

Snake vs Eddie Weston: I do remember a bit of Snake's stuff. Eddie, however, was an amazingly difficult opponent for me. I respect the hell out of Roger for fleshing this character out like he did. Eddie wins.

Ken Cloverleaf vs Reaper: Another person before my time up against *deep breath* Kenny-Kenny-Bo-Benny-Banana-Fanna-Fo-Fenny-Me-Mi-Mo-Menny... KENNY! The Piano Organization Society wins.

Mikey vs. Xavier: Two guys I really don't know that much. I'll say Mikey.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow: It's been said already by Dan West. If this were MBE, Show would be the man. But it's A1E, where his biggest and best contribution was the Collective. Gladiator wins.

Mr. Amazing vs. Haven: I have to say it... I think Haven is the weaker of Roger's two Anarchists. Mr. Amazing wins.

Anonymous said...

Euclid vs. Fatty

For all the reasons listed, Euclid in a walk.

Roderick McRatrick vs. Hayt

I feel bad for Hayt because I feel like a lot of guys are voting against him because they don't really remember him...but I don't either, which says something about his place in A1E history. Roddy was never a personal favorite of mine, but he gets the win here.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy

I remember when I took a hiatus from A1E and then came back to read some results and saw that Skippy was the Cyber Champ. That shocked me because I never thought he was all that good. James, on the other hand, is swell. Real swell. Irish gets my vote.

Snake vs. Eddie Weston

Eddie is growing on me, which I didn't see coming. Snake never did much for me. Eddie in an upset.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper

Don't remember Reaper, but I know he was never the World Champ. Kenny wins.

Mikey vs. Xavier

I think this one is close, but I agree that Mikey was a more fleshed out character. I appreciate that Xavier was important in the early days, but A1E would have developed in largely the same way with or without him. Mikey had definite moments of greatness. He gets my vote.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow
Freakshow is this bracket's Freakfish, so I know how he feels. But the truth is, we didn't do much in A1E. You can't argue with Glad's resume. He wins.

MrAmazing vs. Haven
No vote, but I will say that I'm pleasantly surprised with MrA!'s seeding.


lindz said...

Euclid vs. FATSEXY
I wasn't around for FATSEXY. Even if I was, I still couldn't vote against Euclid here.

RMR vs. Hayt
I wasn't around for Hayt, but McRatrick's one of the few blatant comedy characters that doesn't get on my nerves.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy
Well we all had a good chuckle over Skippy grabbing Troy's boobs many years ago, but I just like JI too much to not give him a vote. And to top it off, I really like Erin as a manager.

Snake vs. Eddie Weston
Ryan's dating my friend Nicole in real life, but real life really doesn't count here does it? I'm familiar with Eddie, so Eddie gets the nod (sorry Limey, if you're reading this.)

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper
I don't know Reaper (I feel like this is such a cop-out excuse. Oh well) but Kenny's gotten progressively better as a character, so he gets my vote.

Mikey F'n W vs. Xavier Storm
A coinflip says Mikey.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow
I laughed at Dan West's recap of what would happen in the match. Too bad it's probably true. :( The Roman takes it.

Mr. A! vs. Haven
I've always been kind of hot and cold on Haven as a character. I'm really not all that familiar with Mr. A! either, but after reading each one's RPs I think I have to vote for A! here because he's a much more entertaining read.

Beast said...

Euclid vs. Fatsexy

Fatty wasn't around for too long, and he really didn't accomplish much other than to make me laugh. Euclid was a fantastic competitor, and with the tag titles and World title - not to mention some fantastic feuds, he wins this one.

Roderick McRatrick vs. Hayt

Hayt I think is pretty underrated. He kicked my ass when I first joined A1E, but in the grand scheme of things, he really didn't do much. Roderick managed to grab the Triple Star title, and as said before, was one of the very elite few pure comedy characters that did well.

James Irish vs. Dam Skippy

Skippy was good, but overall had a hard time getting stories over, and seemed to be one of those lifetime mid-carders. That being said, he was pretty funny and put out some real good stuff when he was on. James has proved himself to be consistently one of the best. I'll give James this one.

Snake vs. Eddie Weston

Eddie's just coming into his own now, and having beaten some big names like Beast and Big Dog, he's shown he can hang with the big boys. But, he's only now doing this, and would need to do so consistently to earn his spot. Snake won the World Title - but I have to admit I was a much bigger fan of "Liquid Snake" from the tag team days than I was of the gruffer "Snake". That being said, he did rise to the top, and was an absolute staple of the early tag team days in some great feuds. I'll go with Snake.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Reaper

Reaper did well, but never quite reached the level Ken did, with the tag and world title reigns. Ken wins this one.

Mikey F'n W vs. Xavier Storm

I always thought that both these guys were always on the edge of doing something really special, but never quite got there. I think I'd have to give this one to Mikey after seeing him go from the Brooklyn Brawler of A1E to the top of the tag team world.

Gladiator vs. Freakshow

I won't vote here since it's my own character.

Mr. Amazing vs. Haven

Haven's a fantastic character, and Mr A has fantastic delivery. Mr. A is just starting to make his mark here in A1E, and then you have Haven's monster tag team title run to consider. I think I'm going to give this one to Haven, because of that tag run, and because he's been involved in bigger angles. Not a knock on Mr. A, but he just hasn't been here long enough to put his stamp on the fed yet.

Tom Holzerman said...


You can't argue with TEach's credentials. Easy win.

Roderick McRatrick/Hayt

Because I never said you couldn't vote for yourself :p

James Irish/Dam Skippy

James is one of the best characters in history, while Skip's claim to fame is he was the one who foolishly challenged Doc for his own Cyber Title. James wins, fatality.

Snake/Eddie Weston

No doubt that Eddie will make his way to a higher seed in a few years (provided Roger doesn't burn out), but I can't vote against Snake, both objectively (he won the World and Tag titles) and subjectively (my favorite opponent ever)

Ken Cloverleaf/Reaper

Just because Kenny's World Title reign kicked ass.

Mikey F'n W/Xavier Storm

X was the better RPer, but that's not the question here. Mikey did more for the fed, had a bigger impact and was the better character all-around.


Gladiator's resume runs rings around Show's in A1E. Now if it were combined, I migth be tempted to vote otherwise, even with Show's lack of hardware, but still, this is A1E only.

Mr. Amazing!/Haven

I'm actually tempted to vote Haven here, because he's done a lot so far in A1E, especially recently, but Mr. A!'s been a lot more entertaining, and has had more success in the singles ranks so far.