Sunday, May 07, 2006

ACW and LoC... the feud?

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the forums...

eWn nuckas

Here's the synopsis. Zezu posted a feedback thread for Courage 96. William Morgan said it sucked shit, which led to some postage (Which it always does... Morgan is the KING of cheap message board heat), and then after some legitimate feedback, Zezu posted again, this time saying his desire to take back the mantle of "best angle fed" from LoC for ACW. Then the dick-waving really starts, with sniping going back and forth on both sides.

Now, for my take. In bullet format.

- Firstly, no one should ever take what William Morgan has to say seriously. Ever. The only trolls that are more obvious are those ones with the freaky hair from the 90s. You know, the wishin' trolls? Seriously, he says stuff to get a rise out of people. It's not like when Bobby Nickens (Unoriginal Name) offers his criticisms, which are valid, in my opinion.

- Zezu has a definite right to feel what he's feeling, especially in the way he put it across. I thought he showed great tact towards LoC, and if you're a fedhead, you should want to be the best, and you should want to have a healthy, friendly competition with other feds like you. I mean, back in the day, when A1E and MBE were going full-swing, even though we shared a few handlers, there was still friendly competition. A1E and MBE were always trying to be the best fed on A1, and no one really harbored any enmity longterm. I think that's the case here. Zezu and Dan McDevitt (too many Dans in e-fedding!) seem to take these things in stride. The fact that guys like Cimon and Kyle escalated it so quickly just shows that we still have a long way to go before we can realize that it doesn't matter who puts out the "best" work, just as long as we all put out work that we're happy with.

Speaking of putting out...

- A lot of the criticisms that have been following around ACW have some weight. I mean, I know I gave them Fed of the Quarter Year, but since then, they (more like we since I am part of it and have been part of the problem) have had problems getting the last two Courages out. There's been a good bit of turmoil, and Mike Dupin, Mike Renner and Butch Rosser have all left the fed as a result. Now, we've gotten in some new guys who are promising, including Bryan, who handles Kyle Lamen in PRIME and is handling Kenichi Kazuyo, and Nikko, who's handling handling the Britton Brothers. It's all a matter of coordination and timing and letting things settle in.

Honestly, I think ACW has the potential to remain one of the top feds in all the e-fed universe. As long as we still have Devin Woods, Seth Silviera, Cimon and Roland as the backbone, we'll always have solid, interesting writing.


Guy Boudreaux (Bobby) said...

ACW can do it, but it won't be easy. They need to dump the people who won't work and hire those who will. If you get guys with passion, that will transend to the results and the reader will feel it. When I read LoC, I feel that desire. I feel all the work. In ACW? Nope. It feels rushed, unorganized, and sloppy. Not what the ACW is about.

Bryan is a great hire and will definately help the fed out. But hopefully ACW won't aim for "names" and rather focus on getting the guys that will work to make ACW better.

And kudos to you JA for the interesting feud. As stated in my feedback, your feud is one of the only interesting ones on the show. The others seem far too one sided (writing wise) for me to care. And you seem like you're having fun with it, which is important.

Bryan said...

Hey there, gentlemen. I just wanted to say thanks for the constructive feedback for ACW, and your positive thoughts about me specifically. From two guys who's work and opinions I respect very much, that means a lot.

ACW, to me, is a weird animal, even as far as the angle feds go, namely due to the jobbers. They're tricky to use, it seems, because sometimes (Avis Flyfield, Rory Hayes) they start to live on their own, and that nucks things up. (Sure, I'll steal-adapt some slang). Coming off the PPV, and the end of cycle, I think that there will be a marked difference...between the new handlers having some level of comfortability, to the OOC stuff coming down a notch, to new and better interactions.

I've got loads of faith that ACW will thrive come this summer. You can mark my words, iff'n you'd like.


(And Tom, I'll be in touch.)

Anonymous said...

don't worry, someone killed william morgan in tA (the asylum)