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Whatever happened to... Euclid?

Before we get to the meat of the post, a few lil' notes.

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Alright, now time to play investigative reporter... well, not really, but kinda.

August 11th, 2004. A date that will live in A1E infamy. It's the day that Euclid officially ceded the World Championship due to his no-show against Torment. That event caused an uproar, but this blog entry is not here to analyze that fallout.

The A1E World Championship, curiously enough, had changed hands on a no-show before. Xavier Storm dropped the title to Kayafaber, but unlike Euclid, X stayed in the fed after and didn't disapper. In fact, he's still a regular poster on the regular boards at Euclid has essentially disappeared.

In an AIM conversation with Dan West hte other night (which was really the impetus for this post), he said that E had deleted all his old e-mail accounts and hasn't seen him on AIM at all since that fateful stretch of time almost two years ago. I've seen the AIM handle on early in the morning on at least one occasion, but it signed off quicker than I would even think to IM it (and I'd be very hesitant to do so right away, seeing as my OOC relationship with E was tenuous at best).

So, you have one guy, the A1E World's Heavyweight Championship, widely regarded as one of the best all-around characters and handlers in the fed, give it all up and just basically disappear from the face of the A1E Earth. According to Lindz, he's been back to monitor on A1W a few times, although A1 doesn't have the feature that lets you see what that poster is looking at, so who knows if he's even checking in on A1E or just the other forums. But doesn't that strike you as odd?

Why would he disappear off the face of the A1Net... I have two theories, one of them e-fed related, one of them not.

The non e-fed related one is that real life caught up with him, be it in the form of teaching or in the form of peer pressure. In real life, E was like his character... a teacher. He quit A1E around August, which is right before school let back in. Maybe he moved on to teaching a class that had a heavier workload. And maybe he also fell into a crowd that would have disapproved of him not only participating in roleplaying, but even posting on a wrestling message board. We know from some of his posts in the regular A1 forums that he was a bit of a partier, and he was actually mocked in one thread about a night out he had where he punched on of his friends in the face. Maybe regular visits to A1 would be out of the question, especially since he took to living with several roommates of the same sex. Maybe he got new roommates who would either bust his balls or shun him for being an e-fedder.

But that doesn't explain his total ignoring of A1 in general, and specifically, A1E, where he was revered as a competitor and valued as a friend.

Which leads to my second theory. Maybe he got fed up of the stuff that was going on in A1E at the time. He was once a member of the A1E booking committee, but after he left, he started to be one of the fed's biggest critics. He started at least two threads openly criticizing the way things were being done. Maybe when A1 stops being slow, I'll link them, but for now, you have to take my word for it :p

There was also an abortive fed called First Class Wrestling, helmed by Josh Weiner and Brian Jenkins, that was proposed to be on A1, but didn't ever open because of lack of handler interest. I think the other two guys behind that were E and Jon Boice (aka, Freakshow). I know I heard that from someone back then, but now, details are a little sketchy. Still though, if true, it would make sense in his line of disgruntlement.

I know I also had heat wtih him OOC... first in 2001/02 when an angle/alliance of ours never got off the ground. We had a major falling out, and I'm not sure that bridge was ever unburnt. Then, there was two weeks before his no-show, when I had JA call Euclid out for a non-title match. He accepted the match in-character with the stipulation that it should only be a World Championship match, and then berated me out of character for not going about things the right way, which I was a little put off by. Still though, I would feel pretty shitty if I were the reason why he left without nary a peep back in. I doubt I'm the only reason, but I feel like I was part of the reason. And for that, I'm sorry, actually.

But still... the hard feelings with the BC and with other handlers would be a perfect explanation for why he never stopped back in even for a moment to say hi. He could have been so fed up with how it was that he wanted to cut his losses and say sayonara.

To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't privately tried to contact anyone either. I could be wrong here, because really, before the discussion about the seeds in the Ultimate A1E tournament began, no one really talked about Euclid. So if anyone knows anything, hey, let me know.

Because for a fed to lose one of its great Champions like this, even to lose contact without having him in the fed actively, is a damn shame.


Turns out I was wrong... he did actually come back and pop his head in once, six months ago. How soon we forget.

well howdy there

I should have used the search before I did this entry, eh? Anyway, I guess that would lead more credence to theory 1.


BigDaddy said...

Dave was at one time one of, if not the, best e-friend I had. I'd have a very hard time believing he totally bailed on A1E because of the BC without talking to me about it. I'd lean a bit more to your first theory given his complete disappearance.

Also, I do believe you're correct in that he was one of the supporters of Josh and Brian's fed. I know we talked about that at least a couple times.

Anonymous said...

I miss Paco.

Beast said...

When E left, he caught me on AIM to say goodbye. I didn't get the sense that he was super pissed off at anything, and we were on the BC together, and we had many chats about goings on and such, but it never came up. Yup, he had his criticisms, just like everyone does, but we always managed to have great discussions about it. What he said to me in AIM was that he was upser burnt out, and couln't handle things because of his job. Now, that could have been him letting me down easy, but I got the sense that he was really upset he had to bow out.