Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ultimate A1E: The Captain Suleimon Regional

Before we get to that, the results of the Bobo Bracket:

Euclid over FATSEXY
Roderick McRatrick over Hayt
James Irish over Dam Skippy
Snake/Eddie Weston TIED! Waiting on a tiebreaker vote that I need to get from a certain head booking insect ;)
Ken Cloverleaf over Reaper
Mikey F'n W over Xavier Storm
Gladiator over Freakshow
Mr. Amazing! over Haven

And now...

The Captain Suleimon Regional

Big Dog (1) vs. Suicidal Killer (16)

Big Dog... they don't make 'em any more legendary than Big Dog. Winner of one and a half Pier Six Brawls, key member of the hottest tag feud in A1E history, multiple time Tag Title holder, and lest we forget, the mammoth World Championship run.

Suicidal Killer put in his time and logged some key matches. He's also one of two A1E superstars who've died.

Cannibal (8) vs. IrishRed (9)

Cannibal was one of early A1E's major players. The original Hardcore Icon, he was the master of the flaming table. While he didn't hold any titles, he was a key player in JA's face turn, a member of the Unholy Alliance, World Championship contender and he had a vicious match with Nemesys that was really one of the great spill-into-the-back brawls in A1E history.

In Red's short time in A1E, he's led a major MBE invasion, came close to carrying his cousin Elim to the Tag Championships, placed second in the most recent Pier Six Brawl and has a good shot to win the Triple Star Championship.

Lindsay Troy (4) vs. BC Steele (13)

Troy held the Tag, Triple Star and Cyber Championships, was a major player in the Empire Angle, was a constant thorn in Beast's side, and was the first person to mention the sacred name of Dennis Edward Mayfield on A1E television :p

BC Steele held the Triple Star Championship and was a member of the Canadian Revolution.

Cross (5) vs. Zer0 (12)

Cross is perhaps the most underrated A1E superstar ever. He held the World and Cyber Championships and was involved in one of the most intense feuds of all-time with Lindsay Troy, a feud that culminated in a scaffold match.

Zer0 was a multiple time Tag Team Champion, and perhaps the most interesting member of the Collective.

Prisoner 187 (2) vs. ChessMaster (15)

Prisoner 187 in early A1E was one of the most dominant stars ever. He was behind of of A1E's greatest swerves as he was the original Slambo the Clown. He won the Cyber, World, Tag and Survivor Championships.

ChessMaster won a few matches here and there.

Lucifer (7) vs. Leatherface (10)

Lucifer was a key member of SIN and got himself involved in the World Championship scene, culminating in a title match against Big Dog and Mr. Hyde.

Leatherface was a former Tag Team Champion with his brother Torgo, and the duo formed one of the most interesting and successful teams in A1E history.

Mr. Hyde (3) vs. Kayafaber (14)

Mr. Hyde was a former A1E World Champion, a semifinalist in the first ever A1E Number One Contenders Tournament, a character known for his success and feuds with Beast, and is regarded as one of the great characters in A1E history who should have stuck around longer than he did. He was also a figure in JA's heel run as a manager, the "voice in the darkness."

Kayafaber won the World and Cyber Championships in the early days of A1E.

Damon Blackburn (6) vs. Eight (11)

Damon Blackburn has held the Tag and Triple Star Championships, and was a member of Hybrid with Big Wreck.

Eight, a Collective member, has held the Tag Team Championships.


Lindz said...

Big Dog vs. Suicidal Killer:
Oh, like this is hard. BD gets the nod.

Cannibal vs. Irishred: I've read some Cannibal stuff, but it's not fresh in my mind. Even though I wasn't a fan of the MBE Invasion, I'll vote for Red anyway because I think Shane's improved since I first read the character back in the MBE Tournament.

Lindsay Troy vs. BC Steele: No one ever said that you couldn't vote for yourself, right?

Cross vs. Zer0: Zer0 wasn't bad. Cross was just better, so he gets it.

Prisoner 187 vs. Chessmester: Chessmaster won a few matches here and there? That's nice. ;) But it's not enough to beat the mysticism of Dan West's incarnation of the character.

Lucifer vs. Leatherface: Familiarity wins, so Lucy advances.

Mr. Hyde vs. Kayafaber: The lore of Hyde gets it.

Damon vs. Eight: Damon, he held the TST too.

Dan West said...

Big Dog vs. Suicidal Killer
SK tries really hard (perhaps too hard) falls quickly to one of A1E big two iconic World Champions.

Cannibal vs. Irishred
Cannibal was one of my favorite A1E pioneers and, if he had stuck with it probably, would be right up near the top. But Red has been running some great stuff of late and brings a lot of ideas and inspiration to the table with him. Red wins in a very close match.

Lindsay Troy vs. BC Steele
I think it's a shame that Lindz's time and focus lead her away from A1E just when she was really hitting her stride. She takes this one rather easily over a decent but pedestrian BC Steele.

Cross vs. Zer0
This is perhaps the toughest vote on the card for me. When Cross is on he is absolutely one of the best out there. Unfortunately it seemed to me that he {I don't want to say "phones it in" because I believe he really had time issues) as often as not. Zero was a fabulous character and part of a fabulous program which - IMO - never quite reached where it wanted to go. Cross wins this one in a squeker based on his World Title reign.

Prisoner 187 vs. Chessmaster
I really enjoyed Chessmaster and think he could have gotten up to at least the solid Cyber Title level is he had stuck with it. No Vote.

Lucifer vs. Leatherface Leatherface was pert of one of my favorite tag teams of all time. Lucifer had a few bright moments, but - by and large - I tended to find him over the top and dirivative.

Mr. Hyde vs. Kayafaber Well they are both former A1E World Champions. All similarities stop there. Hyde wins. (Note: if I could pick one former character/handler to bring back to A1E, Hyde would be it.)

Damon vs. Eight
Really tough call here. On occassion Damon could be spot on; but, personally, I just as often found his promos long-winded, rambling, and not as funny as they felt like they should be. And honestly, his best work IMO has come during his recent stint in UCW, so it shouldn't apply here. My comments for Eight are almost exactly the same as the above ones for Zero. I am giving this match to Eight in no short part because I thought Jon was on the verge of great things with the Collective and want to see at least one of his characters advance.

BigDaddy said...

You're not really waiting on Fly to cast a tie-breaker vote on a match with one of his own characters, are you? ;)

BigDog vs. Suicidal Killer
I actually liked the SK character. The stuff with his version of 187 was interesting. Still, no vote.

Cannibal vs. Irishred
This one is very tough, which probably means that the 8 vs. 9 seed is about right. I think I'm pretty much in the same camp as Dan on this one. Cannibal was very strong in his time, but I love what Shane's doing these days. Red gets it in a squeaker.

Lindsay Troy vs. BC Steele
Really only caught the occasional flash of potential from BC, where Lindsay is strong every time she stops in to have a cup of coffee in A1E. :p The Chairwoman advances.

Cross vs. Zer0
Have to echo what others have said. Of all the characters in the Collective, I thought the original incarnation of Zer0 was amazing. However, potential doesn't stand up to what Cross accomplished. Xandor goes over here.

Prisoner 187 vs. Chessmaster
I don't think it's really an insult to Chessmaster to say this really isn't even close. 187 goes over easy.

Lucifer vs. Leatherface
I actually thought Lucifer's stuff at the end of SIN was very strong. Liked the role he played with Hyde during the collapse and then the angle that led to him being part of the 3 way where I won the title. Leatherface was definitely a fun character in one of my favorite tag teams, but I have to go with Luci on this one.

Mr. Hyde vs. Kayafaber
Not a contest. Nick was incredible, and I've always been a bonafide Hyde mark.

Damon Blackburn vs. Eight
Another tough vote for this round. At times, I've found Damon to be absolutely hilarious. Other times, it seems as if he tries to hard and goes for the same joke too often. Eight, like Zer0, had a ton of potential, and actually had a few reigns with the Triple Star title when he and Drifter traded it back and forth. I think I still have to go with Damon here though.

AndyGilkie said...

Big Dog vs. Suicidal Killer: This is like Fly vs. Tick from the last round. It's not even a contest. Dog wins.

Cannibal vs. Irishred: I agree with everyone else here. I love what Red is doing these days. Cannibal was good when he was able to promo, but I think Red is more cosistent these days. Red wins this.

Lindsay Troy vs. BC Steele Steele seemed to be that he was a lackey that almost broke out, but real life ended that possibility. Lindsay was cosistently better, won more, held more titles, and was just better. She wins.

Cross vs. Zer0: Cross's World title reign and his amazing promos against Euclid and Gladiator seal the deal for me. Nothing against Zer0 of course.

Prisoner 187 vs. Chessmaster: Don't remember anything about the original Chessmaster, but I can tell you this. The original #187 could play mind games with the best of them. The Prisoner wins.

Lucifer vs. Leatherface: I remember Lucifer being a tough opponent for me back in the day. Don't remember much of Leatherface though. That is why Lucifer wins this.

Mr. Hyde vs. Kayafaber: Hyde would mindfuck Kaya so bad it isn't even funny. Kaya wouldn't even know what hit him. Hyde was just one of the very best, and who knows what he would've done if he was able to stick around. He wins.

Damon Blackburn vs. Eight: A match between two guys who never really reached their potential. I'll flip a coin and go with Eight.

James Irish said...

Dog vs. Killer: Good grief, this will last all of, what, 10 seconds? Dog wins.

Cannibal vs. Irishred: I feel like I'm short-shrifting guys like Cannibal because I don't know their work. Red, though, is one of my favorite opponents. Red wins.

Troy vs. Steele: Steele's good. But Troy had more impact. Troy wins.

Cross vs. Zero: I really like the Zero character. Zer0 was my last opponent as Negat1ve One, and Cross was one of my first after taking off the mask. In the long run, I have to go with Cross, though. Hard to compete with that world title reign. If this were Two, though... then I'd have to give in to my bias.

187 vs Chessmaster: MrCATV's other gimmick versus a gimmick passed around more often than a reefer at a Phish concert. I never read Dan's work, and the latter stuff doesn't hold up to the legend. I'm going to give the vote to 187, though, because I don't remember the Chessmaster being too hot the one time I saw him.

Lucifer vs Leatherface: More people I wasn't really around for. I'll say Lucy for the SiN connection.

Mr Hyde vs Kaya: Hyde was awesome and is my best friend who I almost never talk to anymore. Kaya... well, I'll keep quiet here. Hyde wins.

Damon vs Eight

Oh, now this is a dillema. I love Damon, but for all I'm hearing, he's even better now. Problem is, now he's not in A1E. So, I'm going to actually vote for Eight.

Anonymous said...

Dog wins...he's a freaking legend.

No vote...I wish I could have run a program with Cannibal though after all I have heard.

Lindz needs to come back...especially after she wins this.

Xandor needs to come back too especially after he wins this.

187 wins. I even liked the "new" version.

Leatherface wins.

Jim has great ideas...I don't think they always transfer to paper well. Hyde wins.

Damon wins. I like Damon.

Tom Holzerman said...

Big Dog/Suicidal Killer - C'mon, this is a no-brainer.

Cannibal/IrishRed - This was tough, since Cannibal was my boy and all back in the day, but I have to give it Red. I mean, Red's done so much in the way of angles, and he should have some gold to show for it. And I have to say... Shane's never bailed on an angle before since he came back.

Lindsay Troy/BC Steele - BC Steele had a cup of coffee with a belt that Lindz helped make. I think that should tell you who should win here.

Cross/Zer0 - Cross doesn't get the rep he deserves. He held the top two titles in the company and won the tournament. That's a resume as impressive as some of the two seeds. He advances easily.

Prisoner 187/ChessMaster - C'mon... 187 would have challenged Fly for the 1 overall seed had he stuck around longer.

Lucifer/Leatherface - Lucy never did that much for me, and I thought his run to the main event was a little forced. LF did a lot more without doing as much, if you catch what I'm saying.

Mr. Hyde/Kayafaber - Hyde is like my favorite character ever. Of course I'm voting for him.

Damon Blackburn/Eight - Jon is kinda like the prog-rock of the e-fed world. He can do some really weird stuff but he pushes envelopes and you know the techincal ability is there. I think at least one of his characters should advance, and I also feel that Damon's run came against a weaker midcard. Plus it's been said before that Damon only really became an interesting character when he made the leap to UCW. So yeah, Eight wins.