Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some updates

- The Ultimate A1E Tournament voting on the Allen Thomas bracket concludes tonight. I'll put my own votes in a comment to that entry, and then we'll move on with the next bracket first round tomorrow or Saturday. On my glancing over the votes, no matchups really seemed close except for Torgo/Drifter, which surprised me. But regardless, we move on, so who knows what surprises lay ahaed.

- UCW's Civil War was posted, and it was a pretty good read. Great job by Shane and Dan to get a good show out after the server problems. There's a temptation to sort of put out a sluggish card after such problems and after RP for the card was so sluggish (I'm one to talk, seeing as how I only RPed once as Benoitholic... I'll get out more matierial with him as I get more comfortable with him, I promise!), but the steak of the show matched its sizzle. Joey Melton and Mr. Incredible... two surprises and two great additions to the UCW roster.

- Still more at ENN, and a little self-promotion here too, TRASH TALK~! I'm hoping this will help build up the RPs for round one by giving everyone some material. Big ups to everyone who trash talked so far, especially to Devin, who opened up with a phenomenal trash talk with Lord Lowell and really got things going. Shane G., Bryan and of course, Bill have also gotten up some really, really good material.

- Last, but certainly not least a huge, huge, HUGE congratulation goes out to Garbage Bag Johnny for winning AWC's Zero 2 Hero tournament. He faced some stiff, and I mean STIFF competition, and there really isn't anyone better to be carrying AWC's banner right now. Also, huge props to everyone who wrote and contributed to the tournament, especially to Mike Wade, Joe Schmidt and Fergus the Loon for concocting a brilliant swervy angle with Wadester turning on Adam Dick. This is a must-read segment. All in all, this write up has gone a long way into establishing Z2H as the premiere event on the AWC calendar, and hopefully, it will garner the attention in the PTC world and all across the e-fedding universe as one of the big, mark-your-calendar events.

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Hyde said...

Just a clarification re: AWC - the 'must-read' segment Tom talks of actually happens at the end of the Z2H Fan Festival. To read it, go through the link Tom gave, click Results, and then take the website's kind suggestion of reading the festival first.

Also, "..gone a long way into establishing Z2H as the premiere event on the AWC calendar.." - thanks! But Coast To Coast will be BIGGER and BETTER. I promise :)