Monday, May 01, 2006

Ultimate A1E: FIrst Round Allen Thomas Bracket

Here you go, voting now begins on these eight first round matchups. Voting begins today, ends... let's say Thursday. Vote and give a good reason, pertaining to A1E work only.

The Allen Thomas Regional

Housefly (1) vs. The Tick (16)

Housefly perhaps is the most decorated A1E superstar of all-time. Three A1E World Championships, the Cyber Title, a Tag title reign, he won Pier Six. He was the face of the company during the early years, and perhaps still is the face of it now.

The Tick was a highly entertaining comedy character who didn't do much in the way of titles or angles. However, he had a very amusing run, and despite his lack of longevity, is one of the more memorable characters in A1E history.

Drifter (8) vs. Torgo (9)

Drifter is a multiple time Triple Star Champion, and a huge part of the Empire angle. Bryon (Nemesys') secondary character, he feuded with Nemesys and played an important part in several storylines.

Torgo, along with his tag partner Leatherface, were one of the most interesting tag teams in A1E, if not one of the best. He stuttered, talked to his "Master," and, oh yeah, won a few Tag Titles along the way.

Torment (4) vs. Pharaoh (13)

Torment has won nearly every title A1E has had to offer over the years, and has had some pretty epic reigns with some of those secondary titles. He boasts probably the most important Cyber Title reign ever, plus a hefty Triple Star and Tag Championship reign as well, along with being a key member of two important stables (SIN and Anarchy, Inc.)

Pharaoh's claim to fame in A1E was his stillborn feud with Beast. Aside from that, he won a few matches and briefly flirted with the World Title scene as he got into a match against Chip Friendly and Jericoholic Anonymous, the winner of which (JA) ended up getting a World Title program.

Slambo the Clown (5) vs. Metal (12)

Counting only the current incarnation of Slambo the Clown, you'd still have one hell of a resume. He held the Cyber, Tag and Survivor Titles and is an important member of the HSPC, perhaps A1E's best stable ever.

Metal was a key figure in early A1E. He didn't hold any titles, but he was a part of the Unholy Alliance with Hayt and Cannibal and of course, SIN. He was a conduit for many feuds and angles in early A1E, and clearly is one of its founding fathers.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Lady Rebellion (15)

Farnswirth is the longest reigning Triple Star Champion ever, as well as a former World Champion and the figurehead of the HPSC, the best stable in A1E now and one of the two best of all-time.

Lady Rebellion was a founding member of that other stable, SIN, and she held the Tag Titles as well.

The Spoiler (7) vs. Freakfish (10)

In a discussion about MBE, this is a final matchup. But since this is A1E...

Spoiler is the current Cyber Champion and a former Tag Team Champion with Freakfish. He initially made an impact with an abortive feud against AJ Cirrus and Promo, but now is back with another very intriguing storyline against Fly and James Irish.

Freakfish won the Tag Championships and was a part of that abortive feud with Promo and AJ.

Senstational Steven Shane (3) vs. Chameleon (14)

Senstational Steven Shane was a member of one of the most dominant tag teams in A1E history (Sensationally Perfect), the longest reigning Cyber Champion of all time, and a perennial #1 contender for the World Championship.

Chameleon didn't win any titles, but was a key player in the Empire angle, and he came very close to winning the Cyber Title.

Dan Ryan (6) vs. AJ Cirrus (11)

Dan Ryan has not won any titles in A1E, but he's been a major player in several angles, most recently in Big Dog's fight against Anarchy, Inc. He's a major player for the Tag Titles right now with Dog, and he's acknowledged as one of the best characters in A1E right now.

AJ Cirrus is a former Cyber and Tag Team Champion, a founding father of the Canadian Revolution and has been involved in several hot feuds, most notably with Duchess.


BigDaddy said...

Housefly vs. Tick - Can't ever forgive The Tick for handing Richard Farnswirth his first career loss (I'll still never understand that), but honestly nobody is beating Fly in the first round. Fly wins.

Drifter vs. Torgo - This is as tight a match as the seedings would suggest. I'm going to go slightly against the flow and go with Torgo here. His was one of the more unique characters ever, and I loved his chats with "The Master".

Torment vs. Pharaoh - Aborted potential aside, Pharaoh just can't stand up against Torment's resume. Way too many titles and angles on that side of the card.

Slambo the Clown vs. Metal - Too bad for Metal that he's up against one of my favorite all-time characters. Slambo wins.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Lady Rebellion - I'll abstain here, but I will say that Adrian's character was one of the more memorable ones ever. She was fun to work with.

The Spoiler vs. Freakfish - Got to go with Spoiler since we're only basing it on A1E work. He's done more here.

Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon - Again, I thought Chameleon had tons of potential. Hell, it was Euclid after all, so he definitely had the potential to be somebody. But Steven Shane is just too much.

Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus - AJ's definitely had flashes of brilliance, but Ryan is just a legend. Gotta go with the Ego Buster here.

Have to say that the later rounds of this are going to get VERY interesting.

Lindz said...

Housefly v. The Tick: Wasn't around for The Tick's stint in the fed (I've got a feeling I'm going to be using this excuse a lot), but there's a reason why Fly's a legend in the fed.
Vote: Housefly

Drifter v. Torgo: Again, wasn't around for Torgo, but I enjoyed Drifter much more than I did Mimic. That doesn't really have any bearing on my vote, just thought I'd throw that in there.
Vote: Drifter

Torment v. Pharoah: Well, I remember Pharoah. Good character, but I can't really deny Torment's long Cyber Title reign (before my time, sure) and long Tag Title reign (way more recent)
Vote: Torment

Slambo v. Metal: Counting only the current incarnation of Slambo, he gets my vote.
Vote: Slambo

Farnsy v. Lady Rebellion: Farnsy's gold. Period.
Vote: Farnsy

The Spoiler v. Freakfish: In terms of who did more in the fed, the answer's pretty clear.
Vote: Spoiler

Steven Shane v. Chameleon: Again, who did more in the fed.
Vote: Shane

Dan Ryan v. AJ Cirrus: Well, AJ's won titles and had the angle with the Revolution. Ryan's been consistent every.single.week., he's got a great feud going with Haven and he's way more entertaining. Sorry Josh. :)
Vote: Ryan

Anonymous said...

Housefly is the man of A1E. Housefly is the name most associated with A1E. Housefly wins this one walking away.

Drifter and Torgo are both before my A1E time so I abstain.

Torment wins this one. I miss Justin. When he was on he was simply one of the best.

Christ Slambo is golden. Bill gets this one easily.

I had a long history with Lady Reb in MBE but really Phil is on his game when he is running Farnsy. Farnsy wins this one easily.

Based on A1E and only A1E...Dan beats Bill. The Spoiler wins.

Steven Shane deserves a ton more respect then he gets. He wins this.

Man...I love Josh when he is on. I love Josh when he decides to put it on the line. When He decides to. But Brunk...Jesus Christ on a bad day this guy is one of the best. Dan Ryan wins.


Dave said...

Housefly (1) vs. The Tick (16)

I can only vote what I know, so hopefully I don't do too many disservices to people. But hey, I know Fly. And Tick, you're no Fly.

Drifter (8) vs. Torgo (9)

Since I don't know either too well, I did some reading. I liked Drifter a tad better, but Torgo was good too. I'll go with Drifter based on my admittedly limited experience reading both.

Torment (4) vs. Pharaoh (13)

Torment. Lots of titles, and a good guy too.

Slambo the Clown (5) vs. Metal (12)

Slambo is what Doink should have been. One of the best characters aroung. So yeah, Slambo.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Lady Rebellion (15)

Farnswirth is hard to beat. I don't know Lady Reb that well, and I hear good things but I'm going with Farnsy.

The Spoiler (7) vs. Freakfish (10)

I'll go with Spoiler in the 'we did more in other places' match.

Senstational Steven Shane (3) vs. Chameleon (14)

Steven Shane - another of my favorites.

Dan Ryan (6) vs. AJ Cirrus (11)

Because I don't vote for myself in polls, ever and because Josh is very very good and just has trouble with time or motivation from time to time - and because having the last name Weiner must have been hard growing up, I give this one to AJ.

Anonymous said...

Housefly vs. Tick
Housefly wins for all the reasons stated.

Drifter vs. Torgo
I don't have much of a memory of Torgo's run, but Drifter showed serious potential when he was on. I'll go with Drifter here.

Torment vs. Pharaoh
As the guy that played Pharaoh I will say with confidence that in a straight up match, one on one, held today, Pharaoh wins this one. But in terms of who was more important to A1E, I'll vote Torment.

Slambo The Clown vs. Metal
I should probably take a page from Brunk's book and not vote for myself, but seeing as Slambo wasn't initially my creation I feel OK giving him the duke here.

Farnswirth vs. Lady Reb
Gotta go with Dick for longevity alone. Beyond that he has had much more impact on shaping the fed as a whole.

The Spoiler vs. FF
Shitty first round draw for FF. Spoiler gets the duke.

Steven Shane vs. Chameleon
I'm gonna go with the upset here and give my vote to Chameleon. I can't really put my finger on it, but something about Shane just never clicked with me and always seemed quite forced. In a tag tourney Sensationally Perfect does better than Shane does in this tourney, if that makes sense.

Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus
Gotta go with Ryan here. Cirrus was far too streaky and inconsistent, two traits that Ryan has never exhibited.


AndyGilkie said...

Housefly vs. Tick - Housefly is the most successful A1E character in history. The Tick, at his best, was still a comedy gimmick that was inspired from a cartoon show. Housefly wins this easily.

Drifter vs. Torgo - I don't remember Torgo's stuff, and I don't see it in the archives on A1. I've read Drifters stuff though. But basically, Torgo's success came from being a tag team, and since this is one on one, and since Drifter is a former TS champ, then therefore it is Drifter who wins.

Torment vs. Pharaoh - Torment gets the nod for the reasons Bill mentioned.

Slambo the Clown vs. Metal - Slambo gets the win. Sorry Metal.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Lady Rebellion - Reb's promo tactics would not work against Farnsy, and Farnsy would figure out a way to neuturalize the blades. Farnswirth wins this.

The Spoiler vs. Freakfish - Just going by A1E, Spoiler takes this one very decisively.

Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon - An Empire goon who showed potential vs. the SECOND longest reigning Cyber champ of all time? Sorry Cham, but the Sensational One gets the W.

Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus - Ryan is just consistently better. Simple as that.

Dan said...

Housefly vs. Tick - As annoying as Houseflies can be, Ticks suck your blood and spread Lyme disease. With that in mind (plus the multiple World Title reigns), I gotta gow with Housefly here.

Drifter vs. Torgo - Torgo was always one on my favorite characters in the early days. Gotta go with him.

Torment vs. Pharaoh - Torment is rightfully going to win this match, but I am going to vote for Pharaoh as he really does deserve a lot more love than he's been getting so far.

Slambo the Clown vs. Metal - I liked Metal a lot back in the day, but Slambo is for my money the best character in A1E never to hold the World Title (let alone never to get a real shot at it).

Richard Farnswirth vs. Lady Rebellion - Adrian could have her moments, but she was never at the same level as Dickie F.

The Spoiler vs. Freakfish - No vote.

Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon - Chameleon never quite reached a level in A1E as anything more than poor stepchild second character of a more successful handler. Shane wins

Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus - Even if AJ didn't suffer from a bad case of TFS (Terminal Freakshow Syndrome), Ryan would probably still take the win here. {But it would be a lot closer)

Jeffrey Paternostro said...

"In a discussion about MBE, this is a final match"

That's it, you're on the list.

Beast said...

Housefly vs. Tick - Housefly is an icon in the annals of A1E. The Tick was a comedy character with a limited shelf-life. Housefly wins this one.

Drifter vs. Torgo - Tag Titles for Torgo. Triple Star Title for Drifter. Drifter was spotty attendance-wise, due to Nemmy's real-life changes, and Torgo hasn't been around for a long time. This one's close. For me, even though I liked the Drifter character, I think I enjoyed Torgo's ramblings about the Master more, and who could forget the Thigh Drop of Doom?

Torment vs. Pharaoh - Pharoah had all the potential in the world, but potential doesn't stack up much against real accomplishments. A massive tag title reign, two Cyber Title reigns, and a World Title puts Torment over the top here.

Slambo the Clown vs. Metal - Metal was really good back in the day, but just for accomplishment's sake and longevity, Slambo gets the nod here. One of the most entertaining characters ever in A1E.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Lady Rebellion - Not much of a contest here. Reb was good, don't get me wrong, but Farnswirth is Farnswirth. A near-year long run with the Triple Star title, and a World Title, along with being great every week take this one over a Tag title run and really, just the SIN angle for Reb.

The Spoiler vs. Freakfish - Like everyone else has said, Spoiler's just done more in A1E.

Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon - Chameleon's another one of those guys that had a ton of potential. Too bad he couldn't stay around. But it wasn't enough to take over Shane's multiple Tag title and Cyber title runs.

Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus - I echo what everyone else has said. When AJ shows up and is motivated, look the hell out. He can be really good. However, Dan Ryan is just Dan Ryan, and he brings it each and every week. Being that good consistently puts him over in this one.

James Irish said...

Fly vs. Tick: Besides a pest control company? Housefly.

Drifter vs. Torgo: Ben E. King beats out a man with huge knees. Drifter.

Torment vs. Pharoh: Okay, seriously now... I only vaguely remember Pharoh. Torment, meanwhile, was like the Energizer Bunny. T gets the duke.

Slambo vs. Metal: Even only counting the current incarnation of Slambo, he's got Metal beat.

Farns vs. Reb: Okay, as much as I have a soft spot for Adrian still, there's just no comparison. Farnswirth wins.

Spoiler vs. Freakfish: It's been said many times here already. Spoiler.

Steven Shane vs. Chammy: When I think Chameleon, I think of what could have been. When I think Steven Shane, I think of what is. Steven Shane wins.

Dan Ryan vs AJ Cirrus: AJ wrote some very strong promos, and if this were an actual match, it'd be a lot closer. But, if this is reputation... Dan Ryan wins.

BigDaddy said...

Dude, they're huge thighs ... HUGE THIGHS~!

AJ said...

How sad is it that I'm going to lose in the bracket named after my own jobber? :(

Tom Holzerman said...

I thought Allen Thomas was glacier890's character?

Oh well, here are my votes:

Housefly/Tick - This is not even close. Fly's pretty much the Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Mitsuharu Misawa of A1E all rolled up into one. He's one of the greatest e-fedding characters of all-time, let alone in A1E alone, and he wins handily over a character, comedy or not (and however amusing he was.. because Tick was kinda amusing), who didn't amount to much other than handing the Farns a loss.

Drifter/Torgo - Both were solid characters, and I think both their gold credentials are about equal (because the Tag Titles are an important title to hold, and just because they're not a singles title doesn't lessen their importance... hrm... this might be an entry unto itself :)), but I'm going with Torgo here because he's one of the most entertaining characters in A1E history. Plus, he had a very underrated feud with Big Dog (in the context of what Dog has done since those days). That counts for a lot in my book.

Torment/Pharaoh - Like others have said, this would be a closer matchup if Pharaoh had done more. But you can't argue with the Cyber or Tag Title reigns here.

Slambo the Clown/Metal - I feel really bad about the piling on of Metal here, because he was a solid character from back in the day. But Slambo is one of my all-time favorites. Can't vote against him.

Richard Farnswirth/Lady Rebellion - Farns is money, pun intended. LadyR, even when she was around, was spotty in her attendance, although when she did show up motivated, she brought it. Still, nowhere near close to comparing with Farns.

The Spoiler/Freakfish - Same reasons as everyone else.

Steven Shane/Chameleon - Once again, not enough realization of potential for Chameleon to get any upset love. Shane was money, Chameleon was just the futures market that never really panned out.

Dan Ryan/AJ Cirrus - Honestly, if both of them were on and faced off in a match, I'd be more inclined to say that Ryan would win. And even in the tourney setting, I might be inclined to vote Ryan over Cirrus. But it's close, and I don't wanna see AJ get shut out :) No hard feeligns, Brunk :p

Anonymous said...

Housefly vs. The Tick

Housefly hands down...Even though I was only around for a few of Ticks matches, I don't know of anybody who has been as successful as Fly

Drifter vs. Torgo

I'd have to go with Drifter on this one. He had some solid runs with the Triple Star Title, and even a long one during the Summer of 03 if I'm not mistaken--4-5 months possibly?

Torment vs. Pharaoh

Pharaoh rose up the ranks of A1E extremely quick, and he was the buzz of the federation for a couple months. Very good character too. But I have to give it to Torment for longevity purposes. He held just about every major title in the federation, and was solid.

Slambo T. Clown vs. Metal

I loved Slambo before his hiatus when he won the Cyber belt, and let Chip hold it for him only to lose to Dam Skippy, but Slambo may be the best wrestler in the A1E since his return. Incredibly solid each week. Gotta go with Slambo

The Spoiler vs. Freakfish

This is a difficult one just because both characters are so incredible, but didn't stamp their marks in A1E as much as they did in MBE. My process was that they both held the tag belts together so that cancels them out, but in Spoiler's return he's been solid as always, and added the Cyber Title to his resume so it goes to Spoiler by a hair.

Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon

Almost the same story with Chameleon that we had with Pharaoh. Cammy had tons of potential, and even showed it finishing third in the Pier 6. Excellent character, and might have been even better with a Cyber Title win during the summer of 03 (?) but Doc held onto the belt. Gotta give it to Shane easily, but Cammy had a bunch of potential. Shane was always consistent with monster Cyber and Tag runs, plus he was inches away on many occasions from getting the big flaming belt.

Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus

This is a tough one for me because I always saw AJ as having TONS of potential, and it first started after his red-hot Cyber program with Fly when he took the belt off him. I thought he was going to make huge waves with the Revolution angle, but that never seemed to fully get off the ground and hit its stride. Dan Ryan has been amazing thus far in A1E, had a tough run in the beginning, but ever since his absence and then his return he's done more than enough to earn my vote in this match. Like the recap said he's been major players in many angles with Anarchy, and now the HPSC. Ryan, and Big Dog seemed to have clicked tremendously.

--- Dan

Anonymous said...

Housefly vs. Tick-Fly nuff said
Drifter vs. Torgo-Torgo
Torment vs. Pharaoh-Torment
Slambo the Clown vs. Metal-Slambo could kick any clowns ass!! Pogo, Doink, they aint got nothing on Slambo
The Spoiler vs. Freakfish-Freakfish
Sensational Steven Shane vs. Chameleon-Chameleon
Dan Ryan vs. AJ Cirrus-Dan Ryan