Monday, March 27, 2006

A few of my favorite characters -- odds and ends, plus an AWC PPV~!

First things first...

AWC Twilight of the Gods... clicky clicky

Biggest AWC show ever, but most of it is matches, which is a refreshing change from the last PPV. Check it out, and congratulations are in order for Ellis Nash and Adam Dick who won the Frontier and Transatlantic Championships respectively.

Now, as a coda for my favorite characters series, I'm gonna list more than five of my favorite characters from past feds and stuff, probably mostly from A1E and MBE back in the day. Once again, in no particular order...

Professor Tremendous Perhaps my favorite Dan West incarnation and in my Holy Trinity of God-like E-fed Characters (with Olvir Arsvinnar and Lowell Dot Com), ProfT paved the way for guys like JA to win the World Championship despite not being über-serious. Seriously, most, if not all comedic characters on the A1 circuit derive some kind of influence from the Good Professor, and I've had many a laugh at him, most recently at the ENN Awards, accepting Troy Windham's Heel of the Y Year award.

Mr. Hyde Honestly, he had potential to be the greatest A1E Champion of all time, but a combination of low self-esteem and shitty computer service kinda led him to peter out in e-fedding after he lost the title. A great, cerebral and dark character, he's one of the very few who can pull that style off without being superpretentious.

Angelo Deville I've only really been exposed to him in his short stint in NFW West and through a few scattered PTC-related RPs here and there, but really, the dude can write and the character is really compelling. His style is so sweet too. In the PTC world, he's milk chocolate in a sea of brined liver. Wish he'd make a comeback in one of the angle feds or in NFW.

Shane Southern When I read backlogs of NFW's first season, I read one of the most brilliant, slow-cooked heel turns of all-time, one that culminated with him trashing the ULTRATITLE trophy after losing to Michael Manson. And then he got a job and had to quit. I was so bummed, especially with the dawn of a new season as a heel after 10 years as the über-face. But no matter if he comes back heel or face, if he ever does, I'll mark hardcore.

Liquid Snake My original partner in crime and such a blast to RP with and against. I had some of my best early material bouncing off of him as a rival. Hell, we pretty much invented most of JA's backstory in one promo thread. You can't buy sponteneity like that for a million bucks anymore. Everything's so structured and planned out in advance. In a way, it's better now, but there's no denying there were aspects back then that were better than how we do things today. The innocence, spoteneity, the organicity of everything. That's what I miss about the old days, and in a way, Snake reminds me of those days.

Xavier Storm There was such an absurdity to the character that it provided for entertaining reading most of the time. I mean, sure he was unreadable, and he was a no-shower as World Champion, so that's never good. But nine times out of ten, he put up interesting promos, and he carried A1E early with one of the first real feuds he had with Mikey F'n W. Good times.

Mr. Cable-Access Television Sure, the character started as a shameless rip of RVD, but it grew, like most of us do, and he turned out to be one of the guys who would have been carrying MBE had it survived past the UXW merger. He always had a different vibe to his promos, and that's a good thing for the most part. Plus he was a hell of an angle partner.

Johnny Morgan It takes huge, giant brass balls to run a racist character in any fed. There are times people will project those beliefs onto you and your character might end up not being welcome in the fed he's in. In a way, Johnny is a favorite of mine mainly because of the balls Nemmy showed in handling him. Yes, he got a lot of hate, and so did I for letting him run in my fed. But at the end of the day, he was doing compelling stuff, and he fit into the fabric of the fed. That's all you can ask for, and I feel UXW was richer for having Johnny aboard.

Promo Of course I have to give it up to the only UXW Champion in history. I remember the character started out slowly, but the character got fleshed out in a hurry and at the right time too, right in time for the UXW Title Tournament. Always a great read when Brian dusts him off.

Pharaoh There are plenty of Bill Dempsey characters who could go here, but Pharaoh gets the nod for a few reasons. One, I don't think the character ever got its due. P was definitely main event level, but for some reason, he never got the chance to run. I really think A1E dropped the ball not running with the Beast/Pharaoh program. Two, it's really amazing that a white guy living in Manhattan could capture a poor ex-con from East St. Louis so perfectly. I think for that alone I respect the character and Bill's overall ability to create and craft a character.


matthewingals80303661 said...
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Hyde said...

AWC > Free Porn

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Twilight Of The Gods, including Tom here. It was a stellar show and a great way to end AWC's first year.

Anonymous said...

free pron!



Tom Holzerman said...

I think it's time to put the password protection on comments!

Beast said...

"I really think A1E dropped the ball not running with the Beast/Pharaoh program."

No ball was dropped here. Bill was pissed we did the finish with Beast interfering in the match with Housefly, so he quit. I apologized for upsetting him over PM several times, but he wouldn't respond to me, so that was that.

Demps said...

I don't want to start a whole shitstorm here, but I remember the Pharaoh/Beast thing a little differently. After Beast ran in on the Pharaoh/Housefly match I had Pharaoh make several in-character comments calling out Beast for showing him up. It made all the sense in the world for Pharaoh to be written into the Beast/Fly angle. Maybe not for the long haul but to at least blow off a natural storyline that was so obvious it should have written itself. I know the Fly/Beast angle was already planned, but if I had decided to let Pharaoh wait on the sidelines for that to play itself out before challenging Beast it would have taken years. Literally. Pharaoh was over enough at the time to justify being put in the angle and I was pissed that it wasn't followed through on. I would say a ball was definitely dropped. Now, I didn't need to remove Pharaoh from the league completely at that point, but I felt that Beast's refusal to even acknowledge the challenge sort of castrated the character and with no power to have Pharaoh follow up on his threats I didn't feel as though he was being fairly represented so I pulled him. I understand that I should have gone through more traditional methods of working with the BC to try and get an angle out of it, but again, it was so obvious it should have written itself.

As to PM'd apologies - I honestly don't remember getting any. Which is to say that in my state of mind I probably ignored them, which is bad form and something I apologize for now.