Saturday, March 25, 2006

A1E Sudden Death

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Disclaimer: it's going to be very hard for me to be objective judging the overall quality of this show because of what happens in the main event. Won't spoil it if you haven't read it, but once you read the finish, you'll know why.

Anyway, my personal attractions to the show aside, I feel this was a strong PPV for A1E, and the matchwriters stepped up and gave us some pretty compelling matches, especially for Irish/Fly vs. the Invaders and both the Triple Star and Cyber Championship matches. There really wasn't a bad match on the show.

The one thing I want to talk about is the IrishRed overdose angle. I don't know how I feel about this right now. I mean, I think it could be compelling to see a wrestler deal with painkillers and drugs on-screen, but I also feel a bit uneasy about such a topic that's a problem in real life wrestling OOC becoming an angle. The on-screen overdose was a very extreme way of putting it out there, and I'm not sure how I would have reacted if the WWE ran it with, say Raven or another wrestler who was reputed to be a drug user. Still though, I say we wait and see where Shane is going to take this.

But all in all, it was a solid show.


Joshua C. Ray said...

Great matches throughout and it will be interesting to see what's next for all of the titles/angles.

Anonymous said...

If you go all the way back to the number one contender tourney last year you will see me start to use pills in my promo's against Farnsy.

I am a recovered pill popper in real life. Took me three treatments but I finally decided I didn't want to die. So I more then anyone know the risks of this.

I started to work this before Eddie's death when he passed I thought about just letting it die. But...I worked hard at this. I have an end in sight for it...this was the start.

I wrote the in ring is based on my own worst overdose...the full pills and all.

Stay with me Tommy...I'm handling this as delicately as possible. But it's not something that is just for shock value or to put me over. It's a real life problem that is being brought to light in an e-fed. Isn't that what we are suppossed to do as writers?

By the the man, CHAMP!!!


Jeffrey Paternostro said...

HolzerhedRPCA: I don't even know if I am going to mention it on my blog


Dave said...

I don't see a problem with Irishred's pill popping angle. He's not the first to do it and I'm not a real fan of the idea that once something like that happens in real life, you can never do it again. I think enough time has passed since Eddie died.

BigDaddy said...

I think this angle done by someone else could be problematic, but having Shane work it given his own personal history brings a spark of realism that ought to make it really compelling. I'm looking forward to watching it play out.

Tom Holzerman said...

Well, I did say wait and see now ;)

But the thing, and I touched on this in my death entry, with any angle that I do in e-fedding is that is it fun, or is it going to be something that gets my mind off a problem? Things like death, drug addiction, cancer... they're touchy for me, so I'm not sure if I'll get as much out of it as some other folks. But that doesn't mean I won't help Shane with it if he wants JA to be a part of it.

But like I said, let's wait and see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

Even though this is for fun, it's still about real wrestling, and we've had wrestlers 'collapse' as part of storylines (Shawn Michaels after he was attacked in public by those nine guys), and we've had Hawk's drug problems played out on TV. Anyone who's had a long-term injury or suicidal depression knows what tablets can do, and I think this adds a degree of reality to the product. But that's just my opinion, lol.