Thursday, February 09, 2006

A few of my favorite characters -- A1E

I figure I'd like to try and foster an air of positivity on here and get this thing updated more regularly, like either daily or semi-daily (I'd like four times a week at least).

So I figure why not break down fed by fed my favorite characters, five guys, in no order. Trying a new fed each non-other-topical entry. I figure I'd do it in alphabetical order, because I'm lazy like that :)

So since that's the case, we conveniently start out with the home fed... A1E.

Once again, no particular order here.

Slambo the Clown - There's an interesting dynamic here. He's so innocent, so child-minded, but he's a savage beast in the ring. It's what makes his character work so well as the lackey to the insidious HPSC, which makes him a heel by default, but almost makes you want to root for him. If he ever turned face, it would be the hugest moment of the year probably (because given the handlers needed to be involved, there would be a master angle behind it), but I could be tricky to pull off.

James Irish - James has always been a favorite character of mine ever since I got to experience him in A1E as a full-time character. I feel like I've missed out on him when he was in MBE since I wasn't around for his run there. His self-deprecation a refreshing blast in a world where every character seems to have an ego three times the size of Jupiter. Plus he's sharp as a knife.

Chip Friendly - This might be surprising since we can often develop animosity towards a character if they consistently beat our own character. And if anyone knows the history behind Chip Friendly and Jericoholic Anonymous, well, Chip's owned JA on several occasions. Still, as I've matured, I've grown past that whole petty stage in e-fedding, and I've learned to appreciate the true greatness of Chip's character. Dan can really play this character well, especially since it's a unique character. I really don't know of many others who go with the whole facetious friendship, "damning with faint praise" angle.

Eddie Weston - I used to think he was pretty bland and too artificially angsty, but over the last few weeks, I thought he's been improving quite nicely. I don't know what changed in Eddie's delivery, but it's just seemed to flow a little better each week. I think Roger should probably devote a little more time to him, since at this point, I think he's done as much with Fly as humanly possible in A1E.

Hida Yakamo - He's one of my favorite characters ever, and he's in A1E now, so I might as well list him. Hopefully, he and Dan can stick with this angle they're running, because it could be a good one if everyone involved plays it the way it should be played.


Anonymous said...

Interesting (perhaps) note on a Slambo face turn:

We've actually tried to get an angles moving in that direction several times. But for one reason or another, the booking just never worked out (mostly due the very "trickiness" of the whole thing that you cite).

I agree with you though, Slambo as a face would be really nifty if it ever comes together.

{And thanks for the props on Chip too, btw}

Joshua C. Ray said...

I was going to say that my top three A1E wrestlers (people that I associate with A1E to this point) are Slambo, Irishred, and James Irish.

All promo well, of course. But the characters really seem to have some depth. It's something that I'm trying to develop in Sergeant.

Anonymous said...

Tommy you wound me. You wound my Irish heart.