Friday, February 10, 2006

A few of my favorite characters -- ACW

Once again, in no particular order...

Lowell Dot Com The Shillin' Villain... I guess I love him so much because he reminds me so much of Roderick McRatrick, only not as goofy and with more of an edge. Plus the sellout/corporate sponsorship gimmick is gold.

Andy Sharp Ever since he won the TV Title, I've been following Sharpie very closely. The angle with Almasy was brilliant, and the feud with Danger and Hound was must-read material each week. I'm very interested to see where Seth takes him, especially since Seth's been hyping Sharpie's new direction to me in IM for over a month now :p

Max Danger I don't know what it is about Danger that I like, but he's just an all-around interesting character. I especially like any segment he's in with Coral Avalon. They're just so childish but they're fun to read.

Jimmy Cain WARJIMMY WARJIMMY WARJIMMY~! Another ridiculously over the top character from Devin and yet another ridiculously fun character to read.

As an aside here, it's a shame Gethard doesn't have a whole lot of time anymore, because he would have fit in great in ACW. He was supposed to have joined in January. I was marking out at the prospect of it. But alas, that real life thing happens to the best of us.

Anyway, back to the list...

The Codemaster/Blue Rouges I don't know, any character who calls himself "The Blackest Brother in the Hyrule Kingdom" is aces in my book.

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lindz said...

I'm rather fond of the Codemaster, myself.