Monday, January 16, 2006

More shows

Quite the busy week for e-fedding as two more feds came out with new shows today.

LVW Viva Las New Year's 2006 was posted early, early this morning. By the admission of Paul and Mike, this was a throwaway card, and it showed. But it's a must-read because of the introduction of some new characters, including Ben Lerner and my favorite, Olvir Arsvinnar, the porn star viking. In an unrelated note, he may be my new favorite character.

EPW Aggression 22 was posted today. Not as much stuff going on as last time, but you also have to realize that EPW is holding Onslaught cards, which cuts into the matches on Aggression. Still, there was a lot of stuff on the show, and it's a good read.

Finally, LoC posted a new edition of Violence. Last week's show was tremendous. This week... well it was alright, but like Ryan Aston said on EWN, it was a step backwards. I thought the Scott Riktor segment where he announced the Williams/Duzza match was a bit anti-climactic and lacked some aura, and the end of the Sylo made suspension of disbelief a little hard. Still though, there was some good stuff on the show, and hopefully, they can deliver with the PPV.

I know this seems like the results shilling blog right now, but I'm going through a bbit of a busy-spell e-fedding wise. I do have a commentary lined up, plus I want to look at XUW's Deadly Draw a little in depth.

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