Monday, January 16, 2006

A cavalcade of shows~!

A1E's Warfare was the first show posted this weekend in our little circle of interest, and I have to say, I can see the marked improvements in continuity. Hopefully, they stick with the "BC card review." I know I wouldn't mind waiting one extra day to see vast improvements in card flow.

ACW Legends... this was the biggie for the weekend. Huge, huge show, with no fewer than three matches that might get some MOTY lovin' by the end of '06 (Spirit Match, Gimmick Hell, World Title Match). We also get an appearance by KSZ (~!), and a proper farewell for both SVJ and Alias *sniffle*

fWo Countdown 1... the end of the fWo? I read this show, and I really can't give any instant analysis because I really was caught off-guard by it. I have to admit that I really didn't follow a lot of the administrative storylines with Tallison and Silver Fox, and I don't have any idea what this whole Neo and guys in black shirts thing is about. So when I get some background from other folks and read the show again in proper context, I'll let you know.

Still waiting on Crash Week Six to be fully posted... and from previewing some of the stuff on there, it's going to be a remarkable upgrade from week 5. A lot of matches and good ones at that.

Plus after that, we'll get Midnight Madness and the UWA stuff too. Plus EPW Aggression should go up soon, plus AWC Fresh~! will be up Thursday.

Plus XUW Deadly Draw is later on today. I really don't know a whole lot about the roster, but I have only started following the fed, and hopefully, Deadly Draw will be a good starting point for me. I like the concept of it... lethal lottery with the winning team being rewarded... with a match against each other. Good for twisty, turny booking.


paul k. said...

LVW Viva Las New Year's 2006 is up.

A transitional show if there ever was one, but still definitely worth reading to get acquainted with the numerous amount of new guys we got (something like 8 new people on this card).

Hyde said...

AWC Fresh! is up NOW... that's... WEDNESDAY!