Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Posting shows without matches

NFW is coming off a 2005 that saw them post thirteen new shows and partially reverse their image that they were a slacker fed. It propelled them to the MVP fed position for FW.com.

Yet, there's the sinking suspicion that they can do better. If you ask Katz, he'll probably say that only an act of God would get the schedules moving faster, seeing that there's always someone writing matches in either conference that's lagging behind.

While I agree that real life comes in and hits hard sometimes, causing delays in shows, I do think that there could be room for slight improvement. Now, given the size and scope of the NFW roster, that might only mean improving to getting, say fifteen shows in a year instead of thirteen. That might seem miniscule, but any extra show helps.

Now, the latest group of shows were supposed to be put out before the New Year, which would have upped the total for 2005 to 16. But asking folks to produce during the holiday season is a tricky proposition.

But here we are, 17 days into 2006, and we're still waiting on matches. Well, only three matches for the main shows, and then the UWA stuff which only has one match that has bearing on the ULTRATITLE. There's a push to post the cards without the matches in question. While NFW hasn't posted an incomplete card yet this season (outside of Midnight Madness Week Four, the main event to that I still don't think has been posted), the supporters for posting sans the four matches would say that it at least gives us sharks a little meat after smelling the blood.

But then again, would reading Midnight Madness or Crashmas be the same if there were matches missing?

It all depends on your perspective, and whether you had an angle in the match that was missing. Usually, if you just have wrestler A vs. wrestler B with no other angle involved than "hey, I want my 10 points," then it's okay to omit the matches and post the finish as a holder until the match gets done. A1E has done similar, and many of its lowcard matches have really no angle bearing on them.

However, many matches this year have some kind of underlying storyline to them, especially out West, which is a hybrid-angle fed.

So what do you do?

Honestly, I don't think Katz is going to post the RP threads for week seven until all the results are written, so even if he does post, he may go the EPW route, post part of the results and then keep the rest hidden until they're written.

In which case, it might be better to wait for the whole thing, especially since NFW and EPW are totally different feds in structure.

So after all that rambling, I guess all I can say is good things come to those who wait. Although if we have to wait much longer, it might turn into Season One all over again.

And that's NOT a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I'd first like to point out that a majority of those 13 shows happened in half a year...and thank you for the MVP nod, although you could make a similar case for a group of other feds if you start taking into consideration other things.

Secondly, we're never going to see the Randalls vs. Garvin vs. Heimdal match (week 4 Midnight) cause Devin lied about it on numerous occassions out of fear I'd burniate him or something.

That being said...holiday shows are hit/miss dependent on your roster. As we've gotten older, it seems these are harder to push out. Just take a look at fWo's countdown shows in comparison to ACW's recent run. The age difference speaks to the content, IMO.

Older means less time around those days.

So...I really pushed hard on those holiday deadlines, so we wouldn't be posting in February...which any NFW 1.0 member could recall happened with our second Crashmas event. lol

I posted a note today on what's missing and the truth is...if matches aren't going to get in a good twenty days after they're supposed to...chances are you should move on if its really one small parts of the shows in question.

I'm pretty sure these 3 shows will be good enough quality with the missing elements...that it won't even come close to that Week 4 West show which was horrible.

And as far as the Season 1 comment goes -- we're talking about 3 shows practically done...not 1. So with the glass half full that means NFW will be the only fed with 3 shows in January to start off. :)