Thursday, January 19, 2006

More shows

This has been a pretty active week for e-fed shows.

Two shows, two new big Champions crowned.

First up, let's hit up AWC and FRESH~! Big show for them, their return from holiday break, and really, it might get my nod for show of the week. A lot of good stuff on here, especially when concerning the Unfuckables. I was very much amused by the Zeldaesque chicken swording, and big ups to Adam Dick, the Artist formerly known as The Illustrious Face Eater, for winning the Transatlantic Championship.

Next up, we have UCW's New Year's In Hell. A lot of good action here, including the revelation of UCW's new face, plus, more big ups to IrishRed for winning the UCW World Heavyweight Championship.

1 comment:

Hyde said...

If you keep tilde-abusing Fresh! I will be forced to job you. ;)