Monday, January 23, 2006

Writing a story

Before I get to the meat of this post, just wanted to holla, holla for NFW Crashmas V. Not a whole lot of angle stuff going on and a lot of matches too, but I think that's good for the East after the Week 5 show. HOnestly, I thought this was one of the best-written shows of the season so far. A lot of solid matches. I'd especially give a holler out to Kin Hiroshi/Michael Manson with a special appearance by ANNUAL GIFT (Wo)MAN!

And now...

A lot of people want to get into e-fedding to tell a story. That's an admirable goal for anyone. Hell, the reason why I got into ACW was that I wanted so bad to tell the story of a feud between a hardcore neocon and an Anglophobic Turk.

But sometimes, it seems that people want to get into e-fedding to tell the wrong story, or at least tell it in the wrong medium.

As I've written before, e-fedding isn't just for people who like to write. IT's for people who like to write and who like wrestling as well. Therefore, if you want to tell a story and get into a fed, then you should be prepared to put a wrestling spin on it.

And to be fair, most, if not all of the feds I'm in, center on wrestling storylines. There's the odd Tony Aliso/Tim Shipley thing in AWC, but really, everything there seems to center around the squared circle.

But this is why I'm concerned with the ongoing Neo/Army in Black storyline the fWo is running. While I trust the folks behind it to stick with wrestling (Katz, Pete, etc.), I'm a bit skeptical to whether they can control momentum and the entropy involved with a huge, fed-encompassing storyline like this has. Especially when people get involved with the parts of the angle that don't have everything to do with wrestling.

But once again, as with any concerns, we have to remember to give them time to get things on track and get focused. There can be a lot of speculation on how bad something can turn out, and at times, it's a lot easier to be pessimistic than it is to be optimistic.

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Hyde said...

To be fair, Aliso/Shipley span off a history between the two as tag team partners in Core Wrestling, which is most definitely wrestling-related. The AWC feud itself would have involved more wrestling-related stuff if Aliso's handler hadn't dropped out halfway through.