Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UWA Pirate TV, motherhumpaz~!

The rebirth of the UWA

The one thing that stands out on the card before we get to the main event is that there's definitely a racial undercurrent to the proceedings. Be it militant black or redneck white, it's all there.

It would be very easy to decry all the stuff that went down between Prosser and the DRS and Calvin Carlton and the OSS as race baiting and say it's worthless, but if you ask me, I think Jamar, Gregg and Katz all showed big brass balls here.

Seriously, in this day and age of political correctness, to run a show like that, which Katz even said he was afraid would have been borderline offensive, takes a lot of guts. Wrestling has always been personality driven, but the big companies and tamer e-feds shy away from controversial stuff like that.

Yet, there are people in society that are just like Prosser, Carlton, 187, Saafir Mohammed, Frankie Fargo and Brandon Mueller. So why not portray them in our faux reality?

If anything, I thought the show faltered when it got to the main event. Well, let's clear it up, I thought it faltered when we got to the end of the main event. Mayfield/Flair was a very well-written match, but the finish was so damn frustrating to read. I spent a good half-hour reading that last match, and to see it come up "no contest" is like... I wanted to kick someone.

But talking to Katz, that's the reaction they were going for. I mean, they created an ├╝ber-heel in Anne Mystic.

But it would have been nice to have seen a finish.

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