Thursday, November 17, 2005

I've created a monster

So there's this e-fed blog, which is the first singular blog for at least the FW/A1 e-fed community, if not for the entire hobby (that claim is unsubstantiated at press time... because who knows who else might have had the idea before me that I didn't know about). Before this, there was a community on LJ called Fedheads, but that community is long since dead (sorry Lindz).

Of course, I've already highlighted Beast's in-character blog, but several more have sprung up recently.

There's the blog section of ENN.

Josh Ray has set up a more "news-magazine" approach to the e-fed blogosphere.

There's Blog Berry Muffins, another in-character blog from the handler of The Muffin Man himself, Kin Hiroshi.

And the newest addition to the family is Dave Brunk's LJ e-fed blog.

I guess the inactivity on the OOC boards on A1 and FW belies the actual desire of some of those members to speak their minds about the hobby. While to some, it may seem like oversaturation, I really don't think that's the case at all. I can't get enough of reading what people think about the hobby and the feds involved. Short of both A1's E-fed Smarts and Marks and FW's Fantasy Wrestling forums hitting PTC levels of discussion on e-fedding, this is the next best thing. People comment on the blogs, especially when folks like myself say controversial things.

But what's the future of e-fed blogging? Eventually, some bloggers are going to have to extend out of the FW/A1 circuit. It's a huge world out there. As I learn more about the PTC, EWN, fWo and RoughKut worlds, I'll branch more into those areas. Hopefully, me linking my blog to all the e-fed related boards I post at will stir more interest in those people setting up blogging communities and thus promoting cross-pollination, perhaps.

And who knows, if they let me into that Golden Turnbuckle Tournament, I may let the folks over at PTC know that we have some hosses over here at FW/A1, and maybe they'll take a gander at this page more often. ;)


Lindz said...

Can't fault me for tryin. I may do a Troy blog. I dunno.

Joshua C. Ray said...

Nice... I'm still stopping by, so keep writing!