Thursday, September 08, 2005

NFW West

Transcripted from an AIM conversation I had with Katz:

Katz: I might put the West on hiatus after Week 4.
me: so it'll be the East for the Ultratitle?
Katz: Not exactly.
Katz: I'm not sure what's gonna happen.
Katz: There will be a West. Me/JN/GG/TW/Devin/and whoever else is willing to write matches.

me: the West has been a disaster
Katz: Not really.
Katz: I thought Week 2 was awesome.
me: how much of that did you write though?
me: i mean... the product has been great
me: but the planning for it has been a disaster
Katz: I'm writing a decent amount, but I should be.
Katz: I've got alot of characters. ;)
me: Miles, Randalls
me: unless you're also handling Cameron too
Katz: Prosser, Cameron, Mystic, Sullivan
Katz: Carlton
me: yowza
me: wait, i thought Carlton was GG?
Katz: JN and I created him.
Katz: GG evolutionized him.
Katz: But he's ours, just as much as he's Gregg's.
Katz: But I've been writing hte Carlton/Garvin segs w/ Devin on ocassion.
me: i see
me: that's a lot of characters then
Katz: However, its not that that's slowing me down.
Katz: I'm finding people to write my matches.
Katz: But people aren't writing their own, or progressing their storylines as discussed.
me: that's the problem
Katz: Yes.
Katz: So some are reacting positively, others are languishing.
Katz: But its never the same week to week.
Katz: So, I don't know who to boot, who to keep.

Yeah, I would say that's a huge problem right there. You can't boot the slackers, beacuse it's not the same people who are slacking each week. So what do you do? Do you keep everyone and keep on the track, do you boot everyone who's held something up over the last four "weeks" on the schedule?

The East has been relatively on time. And we've had to wait on account of the West. Is it fair to us in the East who get our shit together and have cards on a somewhat regular basis? Not particularly, it's hard when there's someone different to blame every week.

So what should be done? Maybe the West needs an enema. There are still a few good storylines and a ton of potential there. I mean, the stuff Garvin and Carlton have been doing week in and week out has been great. And of course, there's the stuff that GG, JN and Katz write every week for their characters and storylines.

I don't know. Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Silly Tom posting IM convos. That's like the FIRST rule of what you don't do to a fedhead.

Everyone in the West kinda knows this and agrees with it. Basically, what'll happen is if people don't show up then they're out. If they do they're in.

As for the East...

...that hasn't been on-time that much either and we've had plenty of no-shows or disinterested parties at first.

The situation we're in isn't any different than any other fed I'm in currently...if you're trying to put out cards within 2 weeks or less.

Luckily on, we don't adhere to those guidelines. ;)

--You know who

Anonymous said...

Also, I suppose this means when you're asking me about shows -- I now have to ask if I'm on the record or not. ;)