Friday, October 21, 2005

The Kayafaber Era (For my anonymous friend)

As promised to my anonymous admirer, the Kayaber era of A1E (side note, I really wanna know who this anonymous commenter is. E-mail me your identity at

Anyway, I laugh at anyone who'd say that back in the good old days of A1E, there were no politics. We had more fun, and everyone got along, and no one bitched or complained.

Well, I would agree that we had more fun and for the most part, people got along better, but there were politics. It's just all hte dealings were handled so ineptly, it was more hilarious than infuriating. And it all centered around Kayafaber.

Kayafaber, for those who don't know, used to be a member of A1E.

For one, as a member of the booking committee, he booked himself to a World Title shot against Xavier Storm. Normally, X would have squashed him, but that week, he decided that he didn't want to e-fed anymore, so he no-showed the match and Kaya won the title via no-show. Everyone loves to complain about Torment winning the title by no-show over Euclid, but he wasn't the head booker, and he at least dropped the title in the middle of the e-ring. Kaya I don't think ever had a title defense. He had three title defenses, one of which was against Mikey F'n W, who at the time, couldn't win a pie eating contest with Kate Moss, Housefly, who lost his mstch for some reason I can't explain right now, and drew against LB, who may or may not have been called either Londonboy or Rock6225 at the time. After those three defenses, he lost his smile and dropped the title wtihout ever having lost it in the middle of the ring.

Kaya was always worried about doing big shoots and worked shoot segments. He wanted to emulate Vince Russo 2 theee XTREEEEM! His promos often consisted of 2 lines, no-selling whatever his opponent had to say. He'd leave in a huff after he didn't win in his first two matches with whatever crappy character he was doing at the time. He'd post threads begging the BC to contact him on doing angles with him, or just having him in the crowd like he was ever relevant.

BAsically, Kaya is probably the worst e-fedder ever.

EDITS: To remove unnecessary personal attacks and to clarify historical data.


Anonymous said...

Kayafaber had 3 title defences after winning the title against Xavier - against Viperblaze, Housefly and myself (LB). The matches ended in a countout, pinfall and time limit draw respectively

He then vacated the title.

Tom Holzerman said...

How did he beat Fly? Seriously...

Lindz said...

It must have been the Dark Ages of Housefly...Roger probably doesn't speak of them all too often. :p

Anonymous said...
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Beast said...

Ouch dude... very ouch.

Anonymous said...

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