Monday, August 15, 2005

Who's big?

I ranted before about why joining a fed only for big names is bullshit, but soon thereafter on PTC, there was a thread about who was big in e-fedding.

Mind you, I'm fairly virgin to the PTC community, and most of the people I've encountered there (Nova, Angelo Deville, Pants being exceptions) seem to be self-important at first glance, but I was very unfamiliar with all the names they threw out save a few (Deville, KVC, Rook Black). But it got me to wondering.

Who are the big names on the A1/FW combined super-circuit?

Basically a big name is someone you, as a fed-head, want in your fed to help anchor it. The best of the best, the creme de la creme.

So here are the big names of handlers (not characters, but handlers... because a character is only as good as the handler, and usually a good handler will give you a good character) in two categories. One is the names you want, you as in general, the sort of consensus of what the people I've talked to would want in their feds, and the second is my own personal wishlist of whom I'd want in any fed I was starting.

Dave Brunk (Dan Ryan), Michael McNichols (Michael Manson), Jamar Nicholas (Eddie Mayfield), Gregg Gethard (Troy Windham, a slew of others), Joe Lebron (Maelstrom), Jarrett Aubry (Beast, Gladiator), Lindz (Lindsay Troy), Jason Martin (Shane Southern, Vladimir Vlachinko), Jon Katz (Craig Miles, Mike Randalls), Chad Merritt (Hornet), Steve Thomas (Mark Windham, Joey Melton), Pete Russo (Eli Flair), Dan West (The Spoiler, a million others), Bill Dempsey (Freakfish, a half-million others), Phil Banet (Big Dog, Richard Farnswirth), Roger Albrecht (Housefly, Haven, others), Jeff Paternostro (Hida and Yori Jr. of the Yakamo clan)

Those are the guys in either circuit that if you have one or two of them in a startup fed of yours, you're probably thinking to yourself "I done good, didn't I?" They're the names that get people talking about feds.

Now, my own list:

Brunk, Nicholas, Gethard, Aubry, Lindz, Martin, Katz, Merritt, Thomas, Russo, West, Dempsey, Banet, Paternostro, James Irish (James Irish, Kanna Kirishima), Nick *don't know his last name* (Mr. Hyde), Bryon *don't know his last name either* (Nemesys, Drifter), Russell Harder (Alias), Jeff Bolichkowski (Christian Sands), Joe Mendelsohn (Boogie Smallz)

Those are the guys that if I was starting a fed, I wouldn't think twice about giving any of them a World Title reign because I'd feel like they'd give me all I would expect out of them and so much more.

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