Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Big names

This thread about angle feds had someone pimp a fed called TTW despite it not having any "big names."

I'd have to ask in this hobby of ours... what is a big name? Seriously, it's all a regional thing anyway. The big names at A1 are certainly not going to be big names at FW, nor will the FW superstars be regarded as aces in the EWN angle fed circle and so on and so forth. There's sufficient crossover, thanks to folks like myself, Lindsay, Jarret, Katz and Pete, but every circuit is gonna have their big stars that n one else will really know about.

A good fed is a good fed regardless of the people in it having won multiple CSWA, fWo or MBE World Championships or not.

And if someone's going to use the fact that they have X or Y in their fed as the only or one of the only selling points, then it's probably got no substance to it. It's just another cookie cutter fed, ripping off the WWE or TNA or ECW.

It's a good thing to advertise who is in your fed, but it shouldn't be the be-all, end-all. And you shouldn't discount a fed just because it has a bunch of "no-names" in it.

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I'm big in my pants.