Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The few, the proud, the e-fedders

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who's given me good feedback regarding this little old blog. I really appreciate that you guys are actually reading it, let alone enjoying it. I'm going to try to go once a day, twice every three days at the least, and a lot of that might just be links of the week, UDWA booking or quickie card reviews if there's a show I've fancied reading. But as always, I take requests, so if there's something you want me to rant about, then feel free to let me know, either via IM (if you have my AIM handle) or via comment here on the blog.

Anyway, to today's topic, there's been a heated discussion over at PTC which involves the merits of having a Hall of Fame for your fed, which stemmed from a comment I made in the "You know your fed sucks" thread about HoFs being useless for e-feds. I' not going to get into that subject here, but one of the reasons I gave against having an e-fed Hall would be that there isn't an objective, non-competitor media that exists for e-fedding.

There is no Meltzer for the e-feds, or to put more accurately, the Meltzers of this hobby, guys like Jon Katz and Chad Merritt, are also the Vince McMahons and the Hulk Hogans of the hobby as well. More often than not, handlers in a fed have more than one duty. We're not only characters, but we're the media, the fedheads, the road agents and yes, even the fans.

Anyone who's a fan of e-fedding probably is an active handler or has been an active handler. The only exception I can think of was Phil in early A1E, but he joined shortly after I did and has been there ever since.

This is a handler-driven hobby. We're our own fans really, so that's why it's verily important that we're not fans for our own characters only. If that happens, then we run the risk of having dead discussion, fractured OOC relations and no one really wanting to get into the hobby.

THat's why I'm always so adamant on pushing discussion. If people are talking about the product, more people are going to check it out. That's how we get new blood in even when the real product is in a lull and we're not getting the record numbers of newbies that we got back when the WWE and WCW were big.

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Jamar said...

I don't see the problem with having HOF inside the league/s proper, but usually, any global FWrestling idea will go down in flames.

Really, what else matters beyond what happens in the league you're in? :)