Friday, August 19, 2005

My favorites

In five years of e-fedding, here's some of the favorite feuds and matches I've been a part of.


as Jericoholic Anonymous

My favorite JA match was definitely JA/Snake I. It was the TNW after the Original Golden Dreams (the un-numbered one, and one I shall refer to as Golden Dreams Zero on this blog). It, to this date, remains the standard by which I hold every other match I'm in. We went 10 promos apiece, built an entire backstory for and between our two characters, and this was in the days when the promo period was five days. It would be the foundation of a good e-fed (and all around 'Net) friendship.

as Maggot

There are a few that I could really name here. Maggot/WhiteNoise the WNW after High Stakes '01, Maggot/Spoiler in England, The Homefield Advantage match, the first Maggot/FF encounter...

But I think Maggot/FF Hardcore Hell match from Northern Explosion was Maggot's most-defining match adn probably my favorite match, both to promo in and to write. The feud was just so hot, and it was a really great build from High Stakes to that point. Bill knows how to work an angle and help get someone over huge.

other characters

I'd probably have to give the nod to Roderick McRatrick/Cameron Cruise in A1E. The RMR character works so well when he's given almost nothing to work with, and I remember Cammy not selling a whole lot from that match. I think I came up with some of my best stuff as Roderick in that match.


as JA

The thing with JA is he's really had no defining feuds. It's work a program here, work a program there. The feud with Canadian Hitman was really disappointing given the match writeup I gave it. There was no feud with Euclid like there should have been. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say JA's greatest feud will be the one he has with Beast sometime in the future, be it in A1E or EPW (although I'd rather it be in A1E because it's really an A1E story to tell).

as Maggot

Maggot/FF, hands down. I don't think I've ever come close to having a feud as good as this since.

other characters

Meh, I'd probably go GOP/Rabesque, despite the long breaks in NEW programming. I've had some real fun writing segments, adn GOP promos himself, really.

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