Monday, August 15, 2005

Cutting the Tag Rope

For all the shortcomings that WFW has, there's one thing Paul's done that I thought was a brilliant idea in the last few months. He added Tag Team Championships and is in the process of crowning them, he's got a big tournament running.

I for one like tag team tournaments, especially large ones where you don't have a enough established teams to fill them and you get pairings that you don't see every day. Sometimes, these pairings stick, and you get healthy new additions to the tag division.

Every good fed needs a healthy tag division, mainly because tag matches can be the funnest matches around. More fun = the better your fed has of sticking around for awhile. Tag teams can also help with OOC relations too, seeing that it spurs cooperation between two different handlers to coordinate on both match promos and out-of-match segments. E-fedding isn't a solo hobby, regardless of what you might think, Mr. I-Wanna-Win-As-Many-Titles-As-Possible-And-Post-My-Win-Loss-Record-In-My-Sig-At-PTC-To-Show-Off-For-Everyone.

Which is why it distresses me to see that tag divisions are dwindling, and that many new tag teams are both characters handled by the same guy.

Don't get me wrong; tag teams handled by one person can be good to great characters. I mean, The Collective in A1E and The Original ShowStoppers at FW are two good examples. However, it's kinda sad that the only real two tag teams comprised of two different handlers that tag on a regular basis are Torment and Haven and The Cameron Cruise Project (and the latter's even breaking up!).

I mean, what, has everyone just gone so ego-wild that they don't want to bother with anyone else, or is it just apathy? I can understand wanting to go after singles pursuits, but you can do the same and still be in a tag team. In fact, I'd really like to find someone for JA to tag with in both Empire and A1E.

There are some really fun combinations that could be had out there. Hopefully people will pick up on that and we can see viable tag divisions again.

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