Monday, July 25, 2005

The SPT before the first PPV

I figure I'll get back up on my fantasy2 booking horse again with a filler show between the Tag Tournament and the first PPV. Just in case you forgot, Lindsay Troy won the North American Championship the first show, and Gladiator and Big Dog won the Tag Titles the second show. So anyway, here goes.

We open the show this week with an in-ring segment with UDWA's first known stable, North American Champion Lindsay Troy, The Cameron Cruise Project and Reign, replete with straitjacket and bodyguards armed with tazers. They're in the ring, cutting a prom when they're first interupted by Boogie Smallz, who needs to get him some revenge on Lindsay Troy and the Project. Then Karl Brown comes down saying the same thing. Then, W. Clark comes out and Boogie says that they got enough for a somewhat fair fight before charging the ring. However, as soon as they get to the ringside area, Nemesys comes out from the crowd and blindsides Smallz, allowing Troy and a freed Reign to attack Brown and the Project to double-team Clark. The roving band of refs and security break the affair up, and of course, Reign gets tazed in the process.

Cut to a commercial, then back from the break, ace freelance reporter Squiggy Jackson catches up with the Queen and her cohorts. They name themselves "The Queen's Court," and put the UDWA on notice.

Match 1: UDWA Tag Team Championship Match: Big Dog and Gladiator (c) vs. The Professionals

Rematch of the gauntlet finals, this match is a lot more even now that both teams are at full strength. The end comes with a botched North of Sanity elbow drop from Miles that Gladiator converts into an inside cradle for the pin, just to put a pseudo-blowoff to the tag division for now since I don't have any plans for the tag belts at the PPV and I'm starting something new for after the PPV.

After another commercial break, it's announced that the main event for the evening is an eight-man tag match featuring all the competitors for the World Title Tournament. Beast, Spoiler, Alias and James Irish vs. Troy Windham, Hida Yakamo, Shane Southern and Professor Tremendous.

Cut to a hallway where Prof T is at the vending machines. Beau Michaels sneaks up behind him and hugs him. Prof gets freaked out, and Beau goes further, grabbing his crotch. Prof yells out "I need an adult" and Slambo comes out of nowhere, leveling the very bisexual superstar.

Back to the ring for another match...

Match 2: Yori Yakamo, Jr. vs. Andrew Gilkison

This match is here just for comic relief (Yori) and to give the guys a shot to show their wares on the show, just to keep the audience entertained. Andy wins here after Yori misses with the powder and Andy serves him up with an AndyBomb.

Back from break, we're backstage with Shane Southern, who claims he's gotta surprise for everyone coming up at the PPV.

In another backstage segment, we learn that there have been two more matches signed: one for the PPV and one for tonight. Tonight, we'll see Beau Michaels taking on Slamob the Clown, one on one, with Professor Tremendous banned from ringside. At the PPV, we're going to see a 10-man tag match, the Queen's Court vs. Boogie Smallz, W. Clark, and a mystery team.

Next up right after that, we have an in-ring interview with Troy Windham, who's extolling the virtues of himself. When he's interrupted by Alias, who's still bitter about being screwed out of the CSWA tournament. They have a staredown when all of a suddenly, Hida Yakamo, Alias' first round opponent appears out of the crowd and jumps in, attacking the Pulp Hero. It's a two on one beatdown until Spoiler comes down to get him some of Hida, and then Prof T, and then Beast, Shane Southern and James Irish come down to participate in some pre-tag match and tournament brawlage.

Commercial break and we come back with our next to last match:

Match 3: Beau Michaels vs. Slambo the Clown

This is a back and forth affair. Fast-forward to the end, where Michaels has Slambo in position for the Love Lost crotch-grabbing powerbomb, when through the crowd runs Prof T. As soon as he enters the ringside area, the bell rings for a disqualification. Prof enters the ring and low-blows Beau. Two on one beatdown until the roving band of refs comes out to break things up.

After commercial break, it's time for the main event:

Match 4: Troy Windham, Shane Southern, Hida Yakamo and Professor Tremendous vs. The Spoiler, Beast, Alias and James Irish

This is an ultra-chaotic clusterfuck brawl that ends in total chaos with a no decision. The show ends with a shot of allthe tournament competitors brawlign each other randomly.

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