Sunday, July 31, 2005

My top 5 e-fedding mistakes

5. Dropping the Captain Suleimon character when I did at first

I wasn't winning any matches as him, so I felt that after losing yet another program (this time against Gladiator), he needed a tweak and hiatus. I was wrong really. But then again, back then I was immature and only really cared about wins and losses. Of course, the Suleimon well may very well have dried up after the Sept. 11 attacks, but shit happens.

4. Doing One of the COllective

It was an interesting concept at the time, but really, the Collective was Jon Boice's baby and I didn't have a feel for what it was and what it should have been.

3. The taking over Vengeance angle

It's not that the idea was bad, it was the environment I was doing it. People in A1E hated me at the time, and I knew they weren't going to let me go all out with it like I wanted to and like it should have been. Even if I was well-liked, it wouldn't have gone over well because of how A1E is booked, with emphasis on the whole fed and not on single people. I would have been better suited to have JA in a program for that event.

2. Hanging on with Maggot after losing the MBE title

The Tag Titles were an alluring goal, but after I lost hte MBE title, there really was nothing left for me to do as Maggs in MBE. I fell into a rut after that, and I should have just hung it up.

1. Changing JA's character

I overreacted to losing the Cyber Title to Chip Friendly here and took some really bad advice to change JA's character into something more serious and then turning him heel. I felt that was the root of my troubles in A1E, which stemmed from me taking things in e-fedding way too seriously.

And I think I learned from that well. AT least I hope I have.

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