Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Thoughts on CSWA 17

Internet shittiness prevented me from reading CSWA 17 yesterday like I had planned, so I got to it today and read through it. It was a good-to-great show, befitting of being the company's top show all year.

The highlights (besides me winning the Greensboro Championship :p) were definitely teh two big matches: Ryan/Windham for the UNIFIED Championship and Flair/Hornet in the farewell match. Let's start with the latter.

To be honest, I was quite confused at the booking. Honestly, I thought Flair should have gone out on top, especially given that his last opponent was Hornet and not say, Alias or Steve Radder... someone who's on the brink of hitting the major big time in CS and who could have used a win like that for a gigantic rub. (and yes, I'm aware that Radder is a former CSWA Champion) Honestly though, it was still a compelling match and big props to the writers (Chad, Pete, or whoever wrote it if it wasn't you two).

The title match was everything I expected and more. And I'm also happy for Gregg that I didn't jinx him by picking him to win beforehand. Although I was a bit perturbed at the faceyness of Troy-diddy after Mark Windham came out. Troy, to me, is Jebus as an ├╝ber-heel, and it doesn't set as well that he'd be the face in an encounter with big brother, but hey, the angle's just starting.

Ivy/Teri was fun, as was the Mattie Cundiff in a cage match. I'm also very interested to see who comes out of the fray as the Number One Contender in the next few weeks, especially seeing that Alias/Flyer was booked no-contest. I know they're building Windham2 again, but with that many high-caliber guys in the fed (Boogie Smallz, Hornet, SVJ, Alias, Flyer, maybe even Evan Aho? and of course, Dan Ryan), you know that the World Title scene will be unpredictable.

I was disappointed at who Vacant turned out to be, if only because of my unfamiliarity with fWo, which I may have to rectify seeing that I'm interested in joining.

All in all though, it was a solid card. One of the top three cards I was involved in this year, along with A1E Vengeance and EPW Russian Roulette.

Four and a half out of five stars.

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