Saturday, August 06, 2005

What's on tap?

Yeah, so I admit I haven't been making with the posty-posty as much as I'd like to lately, but hey, that's what happens when you're on the hunt for a job and you've got yourself a girlfriend that you wanna spend all your time with. But fear not, the e-fed blog isn't down for the count. Here are some forthcoming topics that I'll be discussing:

- The first UDWA PPV booking and beyond, including the crowning of the first ever World Champion! (Who will join Lindsay Troy, Big Dog and Gladiator as title holders? FIND OUT SOON!)

- Reflection on my favorite feuds and matches, as well as some dream match and feud type stuff.

- Commentary on the state of A1E and e-fedding at A1 in general.

- A more regular "E-Fed Links of the Week" feature, which will link to a show, profile, promo, segment or FW News Wire piece that I find groovy.

- Analysis of the A1 and FW drafts upon their completion.

- Analysis of PPV events as they come up, like A1E's Golden Dreams and Empire Pro's Black Dawn.

- Commentary on Miles/Mayfield I when I finally get a chance to read it.

And much much more. Please, leave comment love for me with other things you might want me to cover, whether it be more fantasy booking or more putting James Irish over, or something completely different.


James Irish said...

Dude... seriously... STOP!!!

Tom Holzerman said...

If you thought this was bad, wait until I put the first promo up for our tag match this week. :p

Anonymous said...

maybe a piece on the state of tag-team efedding, see your views on that?

Tom Holzerman said...

That's actually a good idea. Cuz I do have a strong opinion on that.