Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why don't people read shows?

This question was posed at EWN in this thread.

I know I replied there, but here's the simple answer.

Shows have become too self-indulgent.

Only a select few handlers will want to write matches for any given fed. Those handlers tend to be the ones who are most hardcore into e-fedding; therefore, they're the ones who take the most pride in everything they do, be it promoing, matchwriting, whatever.

So it's only natural that they try to outdo themselves every time they write a match. Every match has to have tons of tension, all kinds of high-risk maneuvers, people kicking out of finishers, the SUPER MEGA IMPACT FINISHER being pulled out every match instead of on special occasions. All of that is good for the critics who have giant attention spans, but for the common handler, it only serves to push them away from reading entire cards and towards skimming for results and maybe, just maybe reading their own matches.

I'd like to think that everyone in the fed would be interested in more than just their own stuff. Frankly though, that's not going to happen in all cases. Katz raised an interesting point in that not everyone's going to be interested in all the segments on the real life wrestling. Like Katz said he changes the channel when Undertaker comes on. I personally flip back and forth between RAW and ESPN or Comcast SportsNet when Triple H is cutting a boring promo or during the Diva Search.

But really, if you're into e-fedding, you should be into most of the stuff that doesn't pertain to you. It's a hobby that's more encompassing than what involves you.

So what can be done to make things more accessible for everyone? I think shorter matches is a start. I mean, I know everyone has like five finishers and they all have pain threshholds that would make Wolverine look like a pussy. But come on, do we really need to see Savage/Steamboat every time out?

Save the big writeups for PPVs. Save the EPIC writeups for the Golden Dreamses, the Anniversaries, the Cyberslams, the WresleBowls, the WrestleVerses.

And tone down the writeups for the regular shows.


Anonymous said...

UWA shows are still the best prototypes.

3-4 matches that are fully written out.

3-4 matches that are done J.I.P. style.

JN's style fit perfectly with that model. NFW tries to stay close to that during the regular season.

I think all the playoffs matches were fully written out.

Anonymous said...

I started reading this, but just decided to skip to the end.