Friday, September 25, 2009


Holy crap! I'm updating this blog!

The thing that has gotten me to dust off the "new post" button on this blog rather than the Wrestling Blog (are you reading it yet, bitches?) is GTT7. After taking two years off, many people thought that with the shift from e-wrestling to creative writing that PTC was undergoing, that there'd never be another GTT. Well, Ross and Pete have brought it back, and I have to say, they're doing a great job hyping it and promoting it. Of course, I was supposed to help them promote it, but I got caught up marking out for Chikara and CM Punk rather than PRIME and Joe the Plumber.

If you take a gander around the forum, you'll see that the bigwigs have done a fantastic job of crafting excitement and anticipation for the tournament's start. In an era where hype has become just throwing up a post in an advertisement forum, this is art. It almost made me want to break retirement to join up, almost being the operative word. (gonna tough it out for a year before even thinking about returning, btw)

While it's not much of a post, I figure Ross and Pete deserve a pat on the back for creating a vibrant and lively event surrounding their marquee tournament. Here's hoping that it's a rousing success and that as few people no-show as humanly possible.

Viva GTT!


Ross said...

Thanks :)

Darek DeAngleo said...

Sweet read, I'm looking forward to being squashed again. I agree that the staff has done a tremendous job (that means Pete mostly) and some of the handlers with their quirky facts and stats (Jay and Sean). Good luck to the field, enjoy this!