Monday, November 30, 2009

A Short-Lived Retirement

Yeah, so just in case you haven't figured out by now, I'm coming out of retirement. I know, didn't I just retire a few months ago, you Brett Favre you? Well, for one, if you call me Brett Favre, I'll punch you in the nose. Two, well... I don't have a two.

So why come out of retirement now? Why even go into retirement and make a big deal if you're coming out again in less than a year? Well, a few things. One, at the time, I was tapped for ideas and didn't really have the time to put thoughts to Notepad or the desire to be on a schedule anymore. Of course, it didn't help that I was still RPing in TEAM, EPW, A1E, NFW and LVW. Having that much of a workload, even with the given sparsity of results and RP periods, was a bit too much for me as I was still adjusting to married life and enjoying things like my Wii or watching copious amounts of wrestling and blogging about it on my other blog (bee-tee-dubya, ARE YOU READING IT YET, BITCHES?).

Two, to come out now, well, don't laugh, but my interest in "real" wrestling has sparked an interest in eW again, especially listening to the gamut of promos from following various feds from the WWE down to Chikara, some great (CM Punk, MVP, Austin Aries, Chris Jericho) and some of them terri-bad (the Young Bucks, Tyler Black, Batista, Amasis). The former inspire me to aspire to their greatness and the latter inspire me to show the bad promos how the fuck it's done.

Three, well, judging PTC's GTT7 got the fires going. Even though I prefer writing the FW/wrestling promo style over the PTC/narrative story style, I still feel like I have one more story to tell over there, which will most certainly come in GTT8 if/when it happens.

So, what does this all mean? Where am I going? Well, for now, it'll just be EPW and maybe spot appearances elsewhere. I don't want to make the mistake of spreading myself too thinly and then burning out again. When I get back in the groove or get more time, who knows. Maybe a return to A1E, my ancestral home, will be in order. Maybe I'll try NFW again, or give Billy F's NLW a shot.

It also means a more concerted effort to try and get some content going for the blog and to read more e-fed related stuff. I felt bad that I never got Project Discovery Channel up and running like I wanted to. I always thought it would be an easy content grab even if I wasn't following e-feds like I was during the height of the blog. That'll still be on the table, as well as a lot of EPW-related stuff.

So yeah, I'm officially back. Please, hold your tomatoes until I post my first RP :p


rakeback said...

Brett Favre is slapping around every NFL defense he faces this year, and I havent read one experts take that suggested he isnt the MVP so far. 24 touchdowns and 3 interceptions is just absurd.

TH said...

I really don't care. I still hate him.

Kevin Healey said...

Good to have you back man. Maybe we can cook something up in EPW.

WBFIII said...

Well you did leave open the option of a comeback, if I'm remembering your retirement post correctly. Great to have you back though, and you know you've always got a spot in NLW!

TH said...

NLW is on my radar. Right now, I'm concentrating on EPW, but if I get more time and drive to compete in other feds, NLW is the second fed I'd consider, after A1E of course. No offense, but A1E is my other home fed.

WBFIII said...

I gotcha. NLW's just glad to be on the radar! I'm looking forward to January when we can back up the hype and the talk and put out some high quality cards.