Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feedback Plz: Roderick McRatrick

The last time I took time off/contemplated retirement and then came back, I did so secretly under the guise of a deviously idiotic and amoral character known as Roderick McRatrick. I had people going for awhile, but then I revealed myself, although I'm not sure if it came out naturally or if someone *cough*Lindz*cough* forced it out of me. Ah well.

Anyway, here are some of Roddy's greatest hits. Why am I posting them? Well, because I want feedback. For a guy like myself who's known more for handling comedically biased characters (you could argue Maggot and Captain Suleimon were the only ones that didn't have a built in sense of humor about them, and even that's debatable), Roddy, to me, is my most funny work. Comedy is a lot more subjective than regular e-fedding, so I want to get feedback from all of youse out there. Without further ado:

The Debut of the Ghost of Steve Guttenberg - Scroll down for more hijinks with Homsar of fame
Roderick in Japan
Lord Tophattington and All of Roddy's Friends
The Debut of Randy McRanderson
Vs. Dan Ryan!
The Debut of Real Ultimate Power
A Visit to Santa!
Roderick Tools a Future A1E World Champion
Roderick's First Apperance at FWC... featuring POWERMASTER~!

I want honest feedback. How does the character hold up after all these years? I want to know, because in a way, Roderick feels like my best character.


Lindz said...

I want to see Roderick McRatrick take on Horatio Caine in a Sunglasses of Justice match.

Karl said...

^ Now that *pauses and puts on shades* would be interesting *poses*

On a more serious note, have you ever thought about becoming a comedy writer? Your stuff's great!

Dave said...

Not allowed to post 5 year old roleplays of mine!!! :)

Dan said...

I'm a big fan of Roderick and how you played him.

By far one of the most innovative and creative characters that has ever swept through A1E.

It took me awhile reading to adjust to him as I assume it took you some time to find his voice, but once you found it you really caught fire with him.

I really had a blast when we faced each other as well. I think that was the only time we met, but the promo you listed was a great trip down memory lane.

Some of the promos you listed are legendary. One of my favorites was the one where you listed all of his friends and they just kept appearing.

Also thoroughly enjoyed Roderick's own version of the Triple Star Championship.

Brilliant idea for an excellent character.